LEGO Star Wars summer 2017 wave official set images [News]

Finally, official images of the complete LEGO Star Wars line-up for the upcoming summer wave are available. We brought you the first look at these sets in person at Toy Fair New York back in February. The sets will illustrate a great number of scenes and spacecraft from Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens, The Freemaker Adventures TV Series, Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and even Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi featuring the highly anticipated buildable figure of a scout trooper on a large-scale speeder bike. The sets should be available in June. Here’s the full list of sets published:

75180 Rathtar Escape, 836 pcs, $79.99

75178 Jakku Quadjumper, 457 pcs, $49.99

75182 Republic Fighter Tank, 305 pcs, $24.99

75185 I Tracker, 557 pcs, $69.99

75186 The Arrowhead, 775 pcs, $89.99

75183 Darth Vader Transformation, 282 pcs, $24.99

75166 First Order Transport Speeder Battle Pack, 117 pcs, $14.99

75167 Bounty Hunter Speeder Bike Battle Pack, 122 pcs, $14.99

75531 Stormtrooper Commander, 100 pcs, $24.99

75532 Scout Trooper & Speeder Bike, 452 pcs, $54.99

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15 comments on “LEGO Star Wars summer 2017 wave official set images [News]

  1. millennial nuisance (@knifeyjames)

    I’m excited about the Force Awakens sets, even the Quadjumper which is quite a lot of pieces for something that exploded in its second of screen time.

    I wonder if these will come out early, like how the “March 1” wave appeared on shelves in the middle of the month.

  2. Eldert

    Except for the speeder bike set, they all look like they’re designed by a 10 year old :(

  3. Purple Dave

    Darth Vader’s Transformation (missed the first one), Bounty Hunters, and the Speederbike. The Sandtrooper looks good but doesn’t excite me. I already own the first version of the Republic Tank (and possibly an Aayla Secura minifig?). The Disney Wars stuff makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

  4. Will

    I’m hoping that helmet on Quarrie is a separate part and fits on the other Mon Cal heads, that’d be nice. The FO officer with different headgear will make a good Republic crewman, and much cheaper than the ones in the old Consular set.

  5. Purple Dave

    @Button Face: Sometimes the Disney Wars stuff reminds me that they’re making sub-par movies that are being praised up and down for the very reasons they’re not worth praising. But I did order the Rogue One AT-ST because it’s hands down the best looking version of that vehicle they’ve ever released.

    @Will: Don’t hold your breath. It appears they had to make a new mold for Quarrie’s head to begin with, at which point it’s just easier to make it with the helmet permanently attached, though probably as a dual-molded element.

  6. Dog 7s

    $79:99 for a platform, a door and some mini-figures! Lego, are you looking to insult people?
    Please ditch this ‘whatever movie is bringing in the dosh collaboration’ and go back to decent sets. At least with those you could rebuild multiple times over. Not like the trash above.

  7. Bob Stewert

    I love star wars and you people shouldn’t ever see star wars stuff again because those sets have contraptions all over the place. 1 trash compactor, sliding door, and safety tunnel. :)

  8. Debbie Sellers

    When will get Boba Fett Buildable Figure? we already had Jango you just need to change his coloring

  9. Purple Dave

    @Noel Peterson:

    It used to be fairly common some years back. I’m not sure it’s actually considered an “illegal” technique in general, though I’m absolutely certain there are restrictions on it if it’s not. For instance, they’d never attach a long plate to a long beam like this. Single stud connections are a lot easier to deal with, both for attaching and removing. It may also have age restrictions, since even plugging a single round plate into a Technic beam is something that tiny hands are going to have trouble with. And it may actually be restricted to larger sets that come with a free brick separator. The modern version has an undersized axle sticking out of the top, and that should make popping those round plates back out of the beams a simple task. They actually might be useful in providing extra leverage to push them in during construction, too.

    @Bob Stewart:

    Duel on Naboo and Carbon Freeze Chamber will run you $25 each, and the Desert Skiff Escape another $30. Combined that’s the same price ($0.02 cheaper, actually) as this…thing. And each of those three sets represents a very distinct, and memorable setting. That’s just one of many problems with the Disney Wars stuff. Name any major setting from the six Star Wars movies, and they all instantly evoke images of a distinct style. Do the same with the Disney Wars settings and you might need a reminder of how that setting fits into which movie. When Lucas was developing a new movie, he wanted each of the major settings to look distinct from each other, so the last thing any of them were designed to look like was “Star Wars”. That’s the only thing the Disney movies are designed to look like, which only results in them looking nothing like Star Wars at all.

  10. SnowmanZombie

    I think it is somewhat unfair that Rogue One is being lumped in as a “Disney Wars” movie, because I thought it was in fact very good. The sets based off of that movie aren’t half bad either.

    I agree, though, with the general consensus that these sets are extremely amateurish-looking. (Other than the speeder-bike, of course) It seems to me that the quality of Star Wars sets has been slipping of late, at least anything based off of The Force Awakens or one of the TV series’. Anyone else agree?

  11. Mike Lopez

    I love when Lego makes playsets as opposed to just vehicles. The Han Solo set was the only one that intrigued me, but I almost feel like buying the parts outright through brick link and skipping the mini figs.

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