Make your own LEGO magic folding cube with just a few pieces [Instructions]

With fidget cubes, fidget spinners and other desktop toys very much in vogue at the moment, many LEGO builders are attempting to recreate them in the brick. Australian builder slfroden has tackled the magic folding cube, a small toy that can be twisted and turned in odd ways. To make your own, you only need three different types of cubes.

And if you have bigger hands, or just prefer a more substantial toy, there’s a larger version too:

4 comments on “Make your own LEGO magic folding cube with just a few pieces [Instructions]

  1. slfroden

    @Clinton – Thanks for featuring my videos on the Brothers-Brick :-D

    @nilsobix – That’s a nice Magic Folding Cube using System bricks. It looks to be about the same size as my small version – 4 studs x 4 studs x 4 studs.

  2. Stacie

    What are the pieces needed to make this cube? I can’t find the parts list link.

  3. slfroden

    @Stacie – You can find the parts list in the video descriptions on YouTube (you may have to click the ‘Show More’ link), or if you turn on captions within the video. You can also go to my Rebrickable page (, click on the MOC that you want to build, then scroll down and click on the Inventory tab.

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