Waiter, there’s a crab in my soup

Feast your eyes on this crustacean-themed restaurant and hostel called the Osaka Crab, built by Ian Hoy. This modular building can be split to reveal the restaurant within the ground and first floors [that’s first and second floors for you Americans – Ed] and then a couple of bedrooms on the next floor up for those who have eaten too much crab and can’t make it home. A lot of character has been packed into the building both inside and out – as you can see from the fantastic red, brick-built crab.



Each floor has fun details, such as the comedians who are entertaining the diners, or the tank full of crabs awaiting their hot bath and seasoning. The Osaka Crab’s chef clearly means business, as the other side of his kitchen has a large oven and hob along with dishes, a sink, and other kitchen equipment. The hostel area has an Internet cafe and some fun vending machines.



There’s so much to see in this build that I highly recommend having a browse through the rest of the images in Ian’s Flickr album.