Light-hearted brick Jesus reminds us of the real meaning of Easter

There’s always a question of taste when it comes to the depiction of religious or political themes in any artistic medium, and LEGO bricks are no exception. However, I hope it’s impossible for anyone to take offence at Lasse Vesterg√•rd‘s brick-built interpretation of Jesus’ return from the grave.

LEGO Easter

This is a great little model, depicting victory over misery and death and carrying an appropriate sense of joy — something you can surely enjoy regardless of your particular choice of belief (or unbelief) system. The thumbs-up and the cheeky inclusion of wounds in Jesus’ palms add a touch of black comedy, but the visual contrast between the grim grey backdrop and the bright flowers carries a more serious message of hope and an eventual release from suffering.

3 comments on “Light-hearted brick Jesus reminds us of the real meaning of Easter

  1. The Anonymous Hutt

    No offense taken. Although, I did think that Jesus was standing on top of the Slenderman for a second! xD

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