Yo ho, yo ho, a space pirate’s life for me

There’s a definite futuristic spin on this pirate ship created by Bricksam, but the only thing cooler than pirates are sci-fi pirates. The skull & cross-bones figurehead on the bow of the ship suggests that this ship does not come in peace, and the Jolly Roger flying over the stern confirms her intent. No sails are required on this particular ship, but there is some lovely hull shaping and lots of details. The colour blocking with dark green, black and more traditional brown for the main deck gives a real ‘scavenger ship’ feel to this vessel.


The view from behind shows the ragged Jolly Roger and the main deck more clearly. Those glowing rear engines mean that this ship does not need water or wind to power her plundering travels.


8 comments on “Yo ho, yo ho, a space pirate’s life for me

  1. Andrew

    I grew up in Japan and recognized it immediately. I should’ve pointed it out to Elspeth beforehand. Sorry, Elspeth! (I love this MOC so much–takes me back many years.)

  2. Elspeth De Montes Post author

    Ooops – sorry I was unaware of Harlock and the Arcadia but on the plus side, even without knowledge of the original inspiration, it is still an awesome build :-)

  3. Nicolas Saudemont

    Very famous in France also ! I grew up with anime of Albator (the French-ized name for Harlock) on TV (I’m now ~40yo).
    The arcadia has an amazing ship design ! and you should see it during space-fights !

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