Even a Spacehog needs some bumble bee stripes

As the Febrovery event comes to its conclusion, I couldn’t resist featuring one more ‘rover’ – although a Spacehog is more of a bike than a rover. With an extra long front fork and a laid back riding position, Brian Grissom has definitely captured the feel of a Harley Davison motorbike or “Hog”. I imagine this Spacehog will be an altogether quieter ride in the vacuum of space, compared to the thundering roar of a Harley down here on Earth!

Spacehog, Spacehog, Spacehog! - Febrovery

I’m not sure how practical this particular vehicle would be on the tough terrain encountered in space, but Benny seems to be loving every second of his ride. Fan’s of Classic Space will recognise the nod to those classic “bumble-bee” stripes cleverly included in the central portion on the frame.