A Nordic town to settle down in

Games can provide inspiration for LEGO builders, although its often videogames rather than their more old-school cousin, the board game. Simon NH, however, has taken Settlers of Catan as his muse, and it has prompted a wonderful island scene, which ironically wouldn’t look out of place in a medieval real-time strategy game on PC! The landscaping grabs the initial attention, with a lovely colour gradient around the shoreline and excellent rockwork. But it’s the buildings which hold the eye, rewarding a closer look at some of the fabulous building techniques on display.

Island of Catan

Don’t miss the use of (many) minifig hands as an effective straw roof on the monastery, and the smartly-built little cross on the spire…

Island of Catan (Monastery)

And the Town Hall has a wonderful Nordic feel to it, with effective use of boat hulls in the roof, and brilliant wall texturing. Those columns at the front door — beautiful!

Island of Catan (Town Hall)

One last thing, Simon says (!) this scene contains every current LEGO colour. See if you can spot them all!

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  1. Fran s

    Where do these ppl get the hundreds of Lego hands?? Visions of crying handless minifigs watching helplessly

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