Win free tickets to The LEGO Batman Movie [Giveaway]

Haven’t seen The LEGO Batman Movie yet? We thought it was a great comedic take on the all-too-serious Batman in our review, and if you want to check it out for yourself we can help out. We’re giving away 10 codes for free tickets to The LEGO Batman Movie! Each winner will receive 2 free tickets to see The LEGO Batman Movie.

We’ll choose the 10 winners at random from the comments below, so leave us a comment on this post telling us what you think Batman’s favorite LEGO set is, and why. We love our global audience, but unfortunately we’re only able to open this contest to readers in the USA. We will choose winners from eligible entries submitted before 11:59 PM PST on Feb. 22. Winners will be contacted via email.

Remember, you can also get free Batman minifigures from The LEGO Shop online currently!

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189 comments on “Win free tickets to The LEGO Batman Movie [Giveaway]

  1. Gloria Walko

    I think he’d enjoy any of his Lego sets because he likes to build with black or very, very dark gray bricks.

  2. Jay Kurtz

    Arkham Asylum: a much better version of all of the other ones: great accessories, great minifigs. All in all, your review has inspired me to buy it. :)

  3. Doug

    Easy. His favorite lego set would be any set containing him and one of his bat gadgets/mobiles. Any excuse to brag about how awesome he is at fighting crime :D Not to mention recreating ridiculous scenarios from his best fights.

  4. Justin

    Batman’s favorite LEGO set is probably his BatCave because that’s where he can chill and get into whatever costume he wants. Alfred is also there to give him whatever he wants because he’s a butler. Even though villains like the penguin come into his BatCave he can still fight them off

  5. Anthony Forsberg

    I think I might be the only AFOL who hasn’t yet seen the movie, so I’d love to get some tickets! I think Batman’s favorite set is 70917 The Ultimate Batmobile, obviously because it’s the batmobile, but also because it’s black (his favorite color) and has him in it. I know the set hasn’t released yet, but I think LEGO would send an advance copy to Wayne manor by now.

  6. Tyler Stanley

    Batman’s favorite LEGO set is the Batman Movie Arkham Asylum 70912. Gotta have a place to put the villians behind bars, otherwise what good is catching them. Plus all the villians wear orange in this set and that makes Batman look even darker. ((Darkness)) ((no parents))…

  7. Jay

    Haven’t seen the movie yet, but the wife and I are dying to go! Mini-Batwing and Mini-Batmobile have got to be Batman’s favs because even at those small sizes, those vehicles are more awesome than most villain’s biggest!!

  8. Christopher Wunz

    Batman’s favorite set has got to be #7781: The Batmobile: Two-Face’s Escape, as it was the first true Batmobile set introducing us all to LEGO Batman for the first time!!! (in 2006…)

  9. Christian Molaison

    Batman’s favorite Lego set is himself, because he’s awesome, crazy rich, stupid good looking, just a down to earth rad dude, and because he’s Batman.

  10. Casey

    Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle (75156) is Batman’s favorite set. It’s black and gray, and it has a bat-like appearance. Side note: Batman was more disappointed than anyone that Kylo Ren’s shuttle set wasn’t black.

  11. phschemguy

    Clearly, he’d be a big fan of the Palace Cinema, fond memories of nights at the movies with his parents, donchaknow?

  12. Diego Smet

    My favorite set would be the Batcave break-in (70909). I love all the different suits for Batman but the real reason it’s my favorite is because it’s the Batcave! I thin the set looks great and really does the secret base justice. I also love the different minifigures, especially the Penguin and Alfred.

  13. SwordOfXactZero

    Very cool of you guys to give tickets to this movie! I haven’t seen it yet and would definitely love to.
    My favorite set has to be The Penguin’s Arctic Roller! Those balloon pieces as fenders and the line they create leading to the back of the car are simply divine!

  14. Michael

    Methinks his favorite set is the Ghostbusters’ Ecto-1 because I’m sure he appreciates having a solid set of wheels to get around in too.

  15. Stephen Mangiulli

    I think Batmans favorite set is the double decker couch. It reminds him that he doesn’t need friends every time he remembers not being invited and stuck in a set with just angry kitty. I mean they even invited president business for Pete sake.

  16. Armin Petschelt

    Batman’s favourite LEGO set is likely the UCS Tumbler. That vehicle is a great source of black and very dark grey element he can use to configure the Scuttler or Batwing. It would have been neat to see the UCS version, being way out of minifigure scale, in the movie as a reference!

  17. Kevin Gardner

    I’m guessing it’s the Batcave break-in, with all his favorite suits, plus a bad-guy to fight!

  18. Caleb

    Batman’s favorite Lego set would be the Black Pearl. Just look at it’s black sails, perfectly accented by the dark grey pieces, as well as a few light grey and pearl gold pieces. And, as a plus, whenever he feels the need to don a tricorn hat and his trusty cutlass, the Pearl will be there to accommodate all of Pirate Batman’s needs.

  19. Jason

    Batman’s favorite LEGO set would probably be the Batman Brickheadz because that thing is just adorable. And the fact that the set is mostly black and very very dark gray is a bonus.

  20. Jon Steffan

    I’m thinking 70912 Arkhangelsk Asylum because he probably smiles every time he thinks about all the villains he’s sent there.

  21. Tristan Riemersma

    I think that Batman’s favorite Lego kit would be any kit about himself because he knows that he’s amazing, so I think that his personal favorite kit would embody that. So to me his favorite Lego kit would have to be his Batman Brickheadz because it is like a statue to him compared to his minfigure size and it’s all about him.

  22. John Cooper

    Batman’s favorite LEGO set is 21050 LEGO Architecture Studio. But don’t tell ANYONE, it’s his biggest secret (for obvious reasons).

  23. Mark Carlson

    Batman’s favorite set is clearly 6987 – The Blacktron Message Intercept base. It inspired him to get an Oracle to intercept messages for him, to remodel his basement and to change his favorite colors from grey and blue to yellow and black.

  24. Christine Watnik

    The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors Edition would he his favorite because that’s a sweet ride!

  25. Chris B

    Batman’s favorite LEGO set must be 6986 Space Police Mission Commander! I mean, that color scheme, right?!?!

  26. Bat Guru

    My favorite Batman Movie Lego Set is ClayFace Splat Attack because of the rare color and mayor’s hair.

  27. Daniel G.

    I think Batmans favorite set would be the batcave. Due to the fact he lives their. And its his hideout/home so anyone that enters, he has the advantage because he knows his cave.

  28. AG Osborne

    Batman’s favorite set is the Scuttler. It’s a Batman mech and it’s got bow tie Dick Grayson who is super cool!

  29. Taylor

    I think Batman’s favorite set is 75111 Darth Vader. They have a lot In common. They both dress in black, they both wear masks, they both have capes, they both have expensive equipment, and they are both parentless.

  30. Colin Greening

    Probably the Speed Wagon Batmobile. It’s a modern remake of a classic vehicle, plus it has a lot of great parts he can master build with.

  31. Zachary A Constan

    Yes please! We did see it on Tuesday, but I’ve promised the kids we’ll go again… and again…

  32. Chloé

    It is my birthday and I think his favorite set is the Statue of Liberty. The large classic set is like him. America and Classic good looks.

  33. Chris Edmonds

    I feel like Batman’s favorite Lego set is not an actual Batman set, but it is probably the Detective Agency. He is a great detective first and foremost, but even Batman needs time to unwind so he probably enjoys a nice game of pool, and you don’t stay Gotham cities most eligible bachelor without keeping a standing appointment at Al’s for a quick trim.

  34. Jeremiah Giddings

    Batman’s favorite LEGO set is probably the Friends Amusement Park Roller Coaster. It’s a bright and cheerful respite from crime fighting.

  35. Joe Hilo

    I would say Batman’s favorite set is, LEGO DC Super Hero Girls 41230 Batgirl Batjet Chase, because it seems from the previews that at least one of them would be flirting & chasing each other for a while!

  36. John Hill

    Of course Batman’s favorite set would be, LEGO Super Heroes The Batcave 6860, because all bats need a cave to hang their hat and his cave wouldn’t be so secretive, if he didn’t love & make it his favorite!

  37. Sean McGee

    Lego Batman’s Batcave set…but the older one (set #7783!) He’s probably the only one that could afford it at the inflated price due to it being retired lol

  38. Steve Nahra

    Thanks for the opportunity! Batman’s favorite set is probably the Black Monarch’s Castle since it’s made from black and really, really dark gray.

  39. Brett Inman

    Batman’s favorite set is #4438-1 “Robbers’ Hideout” to prove that he could choke hold a bear (and simultaneously stop the bad guys).

  40. Tommy Councill

    How about the Blacktron Renegade, 6954? So much black. If only there was a Very, Very Dark Greytron…

  41. Kevin Wanner

    I’d expect Batman’s favorite Lego set is the upcoming Ultimate Batmobile. Nothing else can feed his ego as much.

  42. klay smith

    Batman’s favorite set has to be the limited edition Bat-Pod (only 1000 copies of his set were made)…

  43. Nathan H

    Batman’s favorite set must be 4526, his own action figure, because it revolves entirely around him!

  44. InfiniteBat

    Batman’s favorite set has only two possibilities, the upcoming ULTIMATE BATMOBILE, or the BATCAVE, because they are ALL about him.

  45. Grant McAllister

    Batman’s favorite set is the Scuttler. All his friends come with it and that is his preferred way to get around town.

  46. Michele

    I’m going to say that Batman’s favorite Lego set are the twenty collectible ones. This Batman really loves costumes.

  47. Shawn Grey

    There is no greater Batman set than all of them. My son has just about every set that has come out. Waiting for the opportunity to get the next set on his list. GO BATMAN!!!!

  48. Matt Knutson

    The Batcave Break-in is Batman’s favorite set because the Batcave is the hub of Batman’s activity housing all his gadgets, vehicles, and trophies. Although, it being broken into certainly wouldn’t make him happy.

  49. EC

    I would say Batman’s favorite LEGO set is probably his BatMobile because that thing is bad-@ss! ‘Nuff said

  50. Vanessa

    Batman’ favorite Lego set is the Joker Balloon Escape 70900. This small build is fun, colorful and unique. With a simple push down on the edge of the yellow floor the radioactive barrel bursts open!

  51. Matt Menefee

    Batman’s favorite set is any set that is over the top and amazing and preferably in black. Or really dark grey. With missles. And a grappling cannon. Also a lobster cooker. And it needs a butler. And some lobsters. Maybe a dolphin pool as well.

  52. Steven Severance

    Batman’s favorite LEGO set is anything with black in the title… Black Monarch’s Castle, Black Seas Barracuda, Black Falcon’s Fortress…
    His least favorite is anything with Iron Man because… reasons.

  53. Law

    It’d be safe to say any Lego set that just has Batman. Because, he doesn’t just work alone. He also prefers to be sold separately.

  54. Steven Hammari

    Batman’s favorite Lego set is Pirates of the Caribbean The Black Pearl Set 4184. Have you seen a set with more black pieces?

  55. Joshua C

    Batman’s favorite LEGO set is probably #7782 The Batwing: The Joker’s Aerial Assault. Because he can use The Batwing to bring down The Joker with style!

  56. Joshua C

    Batman’s favorite LEGO set is probably 7782 The Batwing: The Joker’s Aerial Assault.

    Because he can use The Batwing to bring down The Joker with style!

  57. Cory

    Batman’s favorite Lego set is #6009, the Black Knight, because they’re both knights (kind of), and they both like black.

  58. Aaron Hunter

    I think he likes the ultimate Batmobile that’s coming out soon! Awesome prize, good luck winners!

  59. Aaron Hunter

    if I were batman I would like a batbike to roar around on gotham streets. I would love to go to the lego batman movie!

  60. Kevin O'Toole

    (Use your real name Aaron or whatever your name is above me!) I’d love to win, thanks for giveway!

  61. Roxann Gore

    i think Batmans fave set would be 70905 the Batmobile . He even remarked in the movie how sweet it was! Batman always has super cool accessories and has everything money can buy in his world… My fave set however from the Batman movie is 70909 Batcave Break In It is a very good build and has cool mini figs with it… Read the review also..good review.. thanks for this contest..I really would Love to win..Lego Brick Geek here, along with my mini brick geek (my 5yr old daughter), lol…Thank You!!!

  62. Brian Kelly

    I think his favorite lego set would be every Blacktron set. I mean, they’re black so what else matters?

  63. Cynde

    I’m not sure what his favorite set would be, however it will be built entirely out of black and maybe dark gray.

  64. Emmy

    Batman’s favorite set would be the The LEGO Batman Movie 70905 The Batmobile because it’s his usual ride.

  65. Bree Arowe

    I think he likes the Batwing set, because he it resembles a bat the most out of all his vehicles. My friend and I would to go together!

  66. Sara K. Seigler

    Batman, being a Master Builder, does not like sets with *shudder* instructions! Just give him a large tub of various parts in black (or very very very dark grey, if necessary), and he’ll use his awesome imagination!

  67. John sower

    Nanananana batman! Batman probably likes arkham asylum, because there are tons of villains to fight, plus a trusty sidekick and a few slices of pie! (Don’t forget a cool roof to perch on, looking all dark and scary)

  68. Allen Johnson

    I’m all for the new 3 in 1 Batmobile. I almost described wanting something liek it to the lego store gusy.

  69. Andre Beverage

    Batman is a master builder, he could build anything well except a set that contains Iron Man cause well Iron Man sucks…

  70. Thomas Geurts

    I’m not in the US so I can’t win, but I’m going to comment anyway. His favourite will be The LEGO Batman Movie Collectible Minifigures… A lot of him!

  71. Tim Emrick

    The Halloween bat from several hears ago. Because it only had about six pieces that weren’t black.

  72. Bob

    Batman’s favorite lego set is the 1960’s classic batcave because it has an awesome helicopter and batmobile

  73. John

    Batman wants the wedding favor set 40165 because he’s madly in love with Selina Kyle and doesn’t know how to show it.

  74. Nick G

    Batman’s favorite lego set would be the ultimate Batmobile because it is all black many different vehicles, batwing has one seat for just him, and has all his friends with him.

  75. Mike Scharton

    I would guess his favorite set would be the very first batch of them, specifically The Batmobile: Two-Face’s Escape (set #7781) because it showcases the very best lego batmobile design. Sleek, intimidating, and downright awesome! Like Batman himself.

  76. Matthew

    Batman’s favorite set is 76047: Black Panther Pursuit. He’s secretly a Marvel fan, and he just had to get that Black Panther minifig.

  77. Aaron Woodward

    please pick me want to see this film so bad
    I cant wait to see who you decide
    good luck for however is the winner

  78. Andrew

    Thanks for entering, everyone! The giveaway ended at midnight PST last night, and we’ll be contacting the winners shortly so you can go see the movie. :-)

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