Stunning Rogue One Zeta-class cargo shuttle

This brilliant minifig scale Zeta-class cargo shuttle by Renegade Clone is by far my favorite vehicle from Rogue One. Looking like a turtle on its belly with its flippers up, this ship looks exactly like the one in the film – the builder has captured it just perfectly. It’s definitely in my top two along with the Rebel U-Wing.

Zeta-class (infiltration)

With a wonderful orange highlighted belly and forward hatch that opens with plenty of room for the cargo crates and *spoilers*, the builder used LEGO Digital Designer for rapid prototyping during the construction and an estimated 4000 LEGO bricks to create this UCS quality model. But then Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle is pretty cool too, so it’s easily in my top three.

Zeta-class (forward 3/4 view)

Check out the Flickr album to see work in progress pics and more *spoilers*. A brilliant replica of one of my favorite ships …until LEGO brings out a Hammerhead Corvette, that is!

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