Expanding The Expanse with this UNN freighter

One of the most interesting aspects of LEGO is the opportunity builders have to recreate and expand the universes of their favorite books, movies and TV shows. It’s awesome watching builders bring these stories to life and creating whole new elements through the use of bricks. Shannon Sproule does just that with a series of spaceships inspired by the book/TV series, The Expanse, such as this United Nations Navy fast transport vessel:

UNN "Coelacanth"

The builder has chosen to design an entirely new ship to the UNN fleet, which, though numerous, is less technologically advanced than its counterparts. That is evident in the utilitarian design of the ship and its appropriately blocky shape. The cargo containers help round out the imagined role of this UNN workhorse. The builder is working on a series of The Expanse-inspired ships, so make sure to take a look at his Flickr for more.

2 comments on “Expanding The Expanse with this UNN freighter

  1. Gert S√łnderby

    … Makes me wonder if they even watch. This design is very clearly nor like anything from The Expanse – because ships in The Expanse use their thrust as gravity, and this ship’s ‘down’ direction is perpendicular to its engines. It’s a fine design, but it’s a bit like building something that looks like a TIE Fighter and calling it Star Trek.

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