Star Wars: Uncertain Ways – an original LEGO Star Wars vignette series

We have featured Ordo‘s work before with his recording studio and RWBY diorama, but until now we hadn’t featured any of the builder’s brilliant original Star Wars vignettes. In the scene below — the fourteenth in Ordo’s series — a beautifully constructed background creates the perfect staging for a great action-packed scene on the back of the seriously listing speeder.  With its bonnet stripes made from minifig seats, wind shields made from sunroof visors sitting in hinge pieces and lovely natural looking effect of the flaming engine, it is truly the star of this vignette. But the masterstroke is the unseen fate of the smoking abandoned speeder bike plowing into a wall at 400 mph somewhere left purely to the imagination.

Going down - Star Wars "Uncertain Ways" 1.14

Click the photo to see the builder’s backstory for the scene, and check out some of Ordo’s other episodes below.

At the temple - Star Wars "Uncertain ways" 1.2   "I am ready for the trials !" - Star Wars "Uncertain ways" 1.5 Off into the sunset ! - Star Wars "Uncertain Ways" 1.9    Hot pursuit - Star Wars "Uncertain Ways" 1.13

The scenes are beautiful, the story is compelling, and I really want to know what happens next! Read all fourteen episodes yourself in Ordo’s photostream.