We’re in the pipe, five by five

First there was Blacktron in 1987, then there was Blacktron II in 1991. Now Luc Byard may have created Blacktron 3.0 with this awesome updated Blacktron landing pad. His ship “Aerial Intruder” sits on the octagonal landing gantry with alien hieroglyphs. Sitting atop four carefully constructed legs on a tidy base with realistic  moon surface pocked with brick-built craters.

Blacktron Landing Pad 01

The whole construction took over a year to complete (6 months for the ship and 7 months for the pad). When you see the level of complexity and details that have gone into this incredible creation you can understand why.

Blacktron Landing Pad 07 Main Computer ext

Here Blacktron astronauts are busy looking over pre-flight checks at various computer terminals around the “Aerial Intruder” while another climbs into the deployment buggy.

Blacktron Landing Pad 05

Luc pays homage using traditional Blacktron colors while adding on his flare and style to create this masterpiece.

Blacktron Landing Pad: Legs

In the builder’s words, “Putting it on legs was ambitious and a royal pain in every conceivable way, but was worth it.”

It certainly was!

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