Flies like a space butterfly, stings like a galactic hornet

Space isn’t always dark – sometimes there exists flashes of blue, gray and trans-yellow. ZCerberus has done a fine job capturing those colors with his Neo-Classic Space fighter. You have to love this style of space building, which has seen a significant comeback over the past ten years or so, alongside the Blacktron style of building. The color scheme here is spot on and there’s plenty of little details to enjoy. The converging blue and light bluish-gray lines on the side of the fuselage are a particularly aesthetic touch.


One also has to appreciate the good use of an otherwise awkward and bulky canopy piece (being Neo-Classic Space, a trans-yellow canopy is a must). Overall, this little space fighter looks more than ready to rain destruction on its Blacktron foes.

2 comments on “Flies like a space butterfly, stings like a galactic hornet

  1. Purple Dave

    I kinda have to wonder if the title was supposed to be, “Float like a float bot, sting like an automated stinging machine.”

  2. Brick Chad

    I like the color combination for this one, although I’m a fan of Star wars, I will try to get this one as part of my collection.

    Great job Reviewing!

    – Brick Chad

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