Sentinels unleashed! Enormous LEGO X-Men Sentinel stands over 3 feet tall and lights up

LEGO builder Henry Pinto is such a huge fan of the X-Men that he had all 5 seasons of the animated series playing in loop for inspiration while building this gigantic Sentinel, which stands almost a meter (40 in) in height. The scale of this mighty robot is almost unfathomable until you notice the tiny X-Men minifigures around it.


It took Henry roughly around 3 months of working on it for an hour a day and leveraging the weekends for marathon builds. All in all, Henry estimates it took him 200 hours more or less to get it all done. Henry tells us he’s lost count of the number of elements used to build this monstrosity, but estimates 6000-7000 pieces at least, and weighing 7.5kgs (16.5 lbs).


There’s a Technic battery pack at the back of the build, and 3 sets of LEDs to light up the chest, and one set providing the lights to the eyes in headpiece. The only non-LEGO part in the build is a piece of wire inside the Sentinel’s tendril, which allows it to hold its coiled shape.

Completed Sentinel Pics. #legosentinel #sentinel #xmen #lego #marvel #mastermold



The Sentinel dwarfs Henry’s amazing custom Hulk and Hulkbuster creations, which are huge in their own right.


Henry’s original plan was to only build the Sentinel headpiece, which was modeled in Lego Digital Designer (LDD) software, but once Henry had built that he simply had to try for the whole thing.

Sentinel MOC Work in progress

What you don’t see in the finished creation is the structure is built using a hefty skeleton of LEGO Technic elements, which Henry then layered over with the dark blue and magenta bricks. You can see part of the skeleton in this work-in-progress shot, as well as get a feel for the sheer size of the creation.


It’s going to be a bad day for the LEGO X-Men.