Nothing better than some intimidating mecha to start a day

Today we take a look at two great LEGO mech builds by exceptional builders. They have some similarities, like darker colours and menacing looks, but each in its own unique style.

We will start with XF56DAL3 Stingray by Moko. I have a soft spot for Moko as a builder, since he was one of the first builders I was exposed to when I discovered the online LEGO community, and he’s still active! As far as the build goes, there is a good balance between clean surfaces and greebling. My favourite details are the mech’s┬ámenacingly sharp head, and┬áthe hoses made of gold ring pieces from LEGO Lord of the Rings. But what makes this mech a truly amazing model is the posing and photography.

XF56DAL3 Stingray

Continuing on, we have this industrial-looking THR-01 Droid by Marco Marozzi. The colour blocking is spot-on and I could easily imagine the mechanical function of each individual detail. While not as complicated and large as Moko’s build, it has no less character or spirit.

THR-01 Droid

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