2016 LEGO Advent Calendars: Day 19

Welcome to Day 19 of your digital LEGO Advent Calendar! Each day, we’re revealing the day’s calendar model for the LEGO Friends, City, and Star Wars Advent Calendars. We know some of you want to be spoiler free, so you’ll need to “open” the day’s post to see the models by clicking below!

60133 LEGO City

60133 City Advent Calendar 2016 (19)

Alex: This is an ultimate stove with no buttons or indicators—no wonder that guy from the previous day is so concentrated on baking cookies right.
Caylin: I call shenanigans. Clearly they are baking cookies in an active volcano.
Jen: If this is a stove, why is it on a table?

75146 LEGO Star Wars

75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016 (19)

Alex: This good old male hair piece… classic!
Elspeth: Oooo light saber with silver handle part rather than lbg – no expense spared.
Jen: This is Luke Skywalker from “Return of the Jedi” (You can tell because he is wearing a glove on his right hand).

41131 LEGO Friends

41131 Friends Advent Calendar 2016 (19)

Chris: Aha! There’s the record that was missing from Day 9’s turntable. I guess they’ll have to share.
Jen: It’s very considerate of LEGO to include an extra record needle. They do wear out, after all.

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