2016 LEGO Advent Calendars: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of your digital LEGO Advent Calendar! Each day, we’re revealing the day’s calendar model for the LEGO Friends, City, and Star Wars Advent Calendars. We know some of you want to be spoiler free, so you’ll need to “open” the day’s post to see the models by clicking below!

While you wait patiently for each day’s post, check out our Create a Calendar contest, going on now!

60133 LEGO City

60133 City Advent Calendar 2016 (2)

Chris: A rockstar firewoman? I don’t even know what’s going on here.
Alex: I can totally believe this figure is from the Batman Movie.
Jen: 2016 is the year that I learned that the breathing hose fits perfectly over the airtank.

75146 LEGO Star Wars

75146 Star Wars Advent Calendar 2016 (2)

Alex: There’s no such thing as “too many light flesh hands.”
Elspeth: Okay. So this is definitely a Star Wars Bellhop holding the nozzle of a hose to nowhere… (I mean really, does this count as a SW weapon?).
Jen: Who doesn’t need more Bespin guards?

41131 LEGO Friends

41131 Friends Advent Calendar 2016 (2)

Chris: I would be really excited about the skates here, but I bought 500 recently, so I think I’m good.
Jen: What exactly is that ominous red drop supposed to be?

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