Caught between the devil and the deep blue sea

Mitsuru Nikaido is clearly a fan of the sea and its inhabitants. His LEGO coral reef is as colourful and teeming with sea life as the real thing. A giant squid, sea turtle and a great white shark are relaxing and enjoying some of the reef’s bounty, which in this case appear to be a school of nervous looking clownfish.

LEGO Coral reef-01

The giant squid has a lovely arrangement of tentacles with suction pads and a glassy eye that seems to be looking straight at me. I love the use of the minifigure skis, both in the tentacles and the tail.

LEGO Coral reef-09

The school of clownfish are well shaped and have tail fins cleverly made from minifigure flippers.

LEGO Coral reef-04

A closer view of the great white shark and sea turtle shows clever use of modified plates with bars and clips allowing intricate shaping of the fins.

LEGO Coral reef-07