Incredible LEGO Jurassic Park jeep looks right at home in the jungle

I must admit Jurassic Park was one of the most impressive films of my childhood. Of course, it was because of dinosaurs. But even before the dinosaurs appeared on the screen, I fell in love with the grey and red Wrangler jeeps that the characters used to travel around the park. And now Silva Vasil invites us to see a prehistoric reptile in this jar-dropping copy of the iconic off-road vehicle.

Jurassic Park Jeep

To be honest, the Wrangler may not be the most challenging car to build out of LEGO bricks. But in this case there’s so much more that makes it special: custom stickers, a great combination of System and Technic parts and of course, a perfectly executed photo shoot. This Jeep was built to conquer Jurassic jungles and it looks amazingly good surrounded by ancient ferns.

Jurassic Park JeepJurassic Park Jeep