Lovely little LEGO lizards

A lot of real-life things recreated with LEGO bricks look bizarre and mind-boggling. But what about some of the most alien-looking lizards on planet Earth? Not one, but two brilliant chameleons came across our radar lately. The first one is by Dvd; it’s a little bit clumsy yet such an adorable lizard. And if its design looks slightly imperfect to you that’s because it was built solely out of pieces from LEGO Creator set 31034 Future Flyers. What a gorgeous alternative creation!


Another chameleon by Mitsuru Nikaido is a great example of an animal mech. These tiny pads, huge round eyes and a long spiral tail give this lizard such a credible design, and putting it on a twig is a beautiful way to present the creation.

LEGO Mech Chameleon-01