Builder mixes 70’s rock, spaceships, and LEGO

Let’s return to the 1970’s for a moment. Japan faces a serious economic crisis, President Nixon resigns from office, and rock-and-roll music has never been cooler. Back in present day, grobie built these sweet LEGO creations to honor two rock bands from the psychedelic “Me Decade.”

RBS project ELO

First up, we have Electric Light Orchestra (ELO)’s spaceship from their Out of the Blue album cover and an accompnaying Jeff Lynne minifig with acoustic guitar. You have to admit, that custom ELO paint job is downright groovy. Next up, we have Journey’s spaceship from their Escape album cover. This build also comes with a short-sleeved Neal Schon and the ship even has detachable scarab wings! Can you dig it? I can.

RBS project JOURNEY 3