The changing seasons in LEGO microscale

Normally there are only four seasons each year, but Emil Lidé has created a series of six microscale landscapes to capture all the changing colours found in nature throughout the year. Each of the six scenes depicts a trio of trees and ground foliage using the LEGO colour palate to full effect, especially those vibrant autumnal tones.

Micro Seasons

Emil’s trees are fantastic of course – he kindly shared his methods for constructing LEGO trees earlier this month. Interestingly, Emil tells us that the initial starting point for these was this cool technique for a base by o0ger, and the circular bases are a great way to keep each scene compact and contained. My own favourite is definitely late autumn.

These microscale landscapes are worth a close-up view to fully appreciate the colours, textures and details. Constructing the natural world is not easy in LEGO, but these microscale landscapes are beautiful examples.

Spring uses a LEGO colour palate of dark green, bright yellowish green and bright green:
Micro Seasons - Spring

Summer uses a LEGO palate of dark green, earth green and olive green:
Micro Seasons - Summer

Late Summer uses a LEGO palate of dark green, earth green, olive green and sand green, with hints of dark brown, reddish brown and dark orange appearing in the ground foliage:
Micro Seasons - Late Summer

Early Autumn bursts into dark orange, flame yellowish orange, orange, yellow and reddish brown:
Micro Seasons - Early Autumn

Late Autumn then develops further into richer tones of reddish brown, red, dark red and dark orange:
Micro Seasons - Late Autumn

Winter is simple, just white:
Micro Seasons - Winter