LEGO Peel P50 microcar is only missing LEGO Jeremy Clarkson [Video]

Peel Engineering on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea manufactured the P50 microcar at the height of Mod fashion in the heyday of “Swinging London.” Vimal Patel (vmln8r on Flickr) has lovingly handcrafted a beautiful blue LEGO P50 that’s fully motorized, with great curves that make the little “bubble car” instantly recognizable.

Peel P50

The video that shows how the little car can zoom around the builder’s house, and even parallel park, features a very beautiful pug, so is well worth watching for that alone.

Adam Grabowski (who went on to become a set designer at LEGO) built a tiny version of the Peel P50 about 10 years ago, but the following cutaway view shows that the builder couldn’t have created a much smaller version that runs on LEGO Power Functions.