A song of ice and fire...Mechs

Ninjago is one of the most popular LEGO themes, and I can see the appeal — it’s ninjas with elements and hi-tech gadgets. It’s every (big and small) kid’s fantasy. And while I’ve collected many sets from this theme over time, the most current one, Ninjas vs. Sky Pirates, is just a dream come true, and to celebrate that, I decided to build my own Ninjago-inspired mechs!

First, Lloyd’s Modified flyer from the Set 70605 – Misfortune’s Keep. When I first got the set, I knew I was going to like the ship, but I was pleasantly surprised by the concept of the flyer, so I just pimped it — added new arms, a lot more greebling, more attitude, and the name “Fujin”, and called it a day.

"Fujin" - Lloyd updated flyer

Then, you have “Kuraokami”, a mech for the ninja of ice, Zane. Built with the titanium dragon as inspiration, it has a very cold color scheme, and very sharp edges, and is built for long range combat. It fits Zane inside and does shoot from the shoulder cannon.

"Kuraokami" - Zane Titanium Mech

Next we have “Kagutsuchi”. Built for Kai, it is a fire-based mech built for close quarter combat, a high mobility mech but with strong defenses inspired by Djins and Onis, wielding a fire spear that is just so conveniently useful to destroy things. It fits Kai as a pilot and as you can see is the opposite of “Kuraokami”.

"Kagutsuchi" - Kai fire mech

I have plans to build a mech for Cole (my favorite), Nya and a Sky Pirate, so it is possible you’ll find a part two of this post in the near future.