Cause it’s better when your mechanical companion has four legs instead of just two

If you follow the latest trends in LEGO mecha design, you’ll know that four-legged machines are very popular right now. We already covered the Lego Junkie’s version of Mack from the upcoming game ReCore. And now Simon Liu suprises us with his own vision of the cute yellow robot. I love it for its larger scale and great amount of greebling on the legs. And bonus points for the beautiful building solution used to make the blue core: a clear sphere filled with transparent blue pieces.

ReCore: Mack

Meanwhile, it looks like there’s nothing that can stop Gamabomb from churning out similar quadrupedal masterpieces right now. His transport mech is very on-trend, but isn’t mainstream at all. And it has everthing you like, even that old orange hockey helmet.

Typ "Heuschrecke" transport truck