BuWizz – the one brick to steer them all – on Kickstarter [News]

BuWizz is an aftermarket brick designed to bring more precise control and increased power to your LEGO creations. It is the brainchild of Roni Leben and his team over at BuWizz headquarters in Slovenia, who have just started a Kickstarter project to fund its production.



According to its creators, BuWizz is a LEGO compatible remote control system that is compact and more powerful than the existing LEGO remote control system. The BuWizz brick is placed inside your model and replaces 3 LEGO components: a battery box and two infrared receivers.  It then provides eight times more power than existing solutions and operates in three speed modes with an embedded battery and a Micro-USB charging port. The LEGO PF Servo motor has 15 positions with BuWizz in control (compared to the left-center-right with LEGO IR controls) and the accompanying App puts the precise controls at your fingertips via Android or iOS devices.

The One Brick

Roni Leben, BuWizz team leader, says: “We all love LEGO bricks, but they are mostly used indoors. We wanted to race our models outdoors, but their performance was limited due to lack of clever solutions. We wanted to have more fun and that is why we created BuWizz. Now our models can go twice as fast and climb over obstacles with ease.”

The price of single brick will be $119 with other multi-buy options and add-ons available. At the moment there are 121 backers with $16,778 pledged of  the campaign’s $50,000 goal with 23 days to go. This seems worth a closer look, especially for those that yearn for more power and control!

The Brothers Brick does not endorse the BuWizz product. And remember, backing Kickstarter projects always carries an inherent risk if the creators are unable to meet expectations.

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