The new Ferrari SF16-H is alluring like never before

Ferrari produces some of the best sports cars in the world. And Noah_L builds some of the best LEGO scale models of Ferrari cars. The latest SF16-H, which is actually a Formula 1 car built for the 2016-2017 season, looks amazingly good and is loaded with clever building techniques. What I find the most satisfying is the balance between tiled areas and rare exposed studs. These studs, being hard to cover up, give the vehicle a nice retro look, as if it was one of the legendary Model Team sets from the ’90s.
Ferrari SF16-H (1)
If you’re new to Noah’s collection of cars, I’d strongly recommend you check his Flickr stream and take a look at the huge progress he has made. Can you believe that only 3 years ago his cars looked like this? That’s what happens when your skills align with your passion.