Indominus rex vs. polar bear: Fight of the century

A unique feature of last year’s hit film Jurassic World was the inclusion of a white-skinned hybrid dinosaur, the Indominus rex. This allowed LEGO to create an equally impressive minifig-chomping beast, and lucky for us, this in turn allowed Jme Wheeler to pit said monster against the other most dangerous predator in the LEGO world (assuming you’re a cute little penguin): the polar bear. Let the games begin!

AELitC (Full) by Jame Wheeler

Oh, there’s also the Indominus’ owner camping out in the cave. Exploring is not easy, but it sure is entertaining.

AELitC (Cave) by Jme Wheeler

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  1. Chris

    Deus: What, no mention of polar bears and dinosaurs together?

    Klikstyle: On behalf of our contributors, you’re welcome. Keeping building awesome stuff!

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