Incredible LEGO model of the Titanic breaking in half

Ryan McNaught is a professional LEGO model builder, and there’s absolutely no question about his building skills when he produces models like this or a life-sized Tardis. The breathtaking scene of the final moments of the Titantic show its stern lifted high in the air, the vessel splitting under its own weight before sinking over two miles to the sea floor. Supporting the significant weight of the ship’s stern through the thin connection in the ship’s keel is an incredible feat of LEGO engineering.

LEGO Sinking Titanic

LEGO Sinking Titanic - the rip 2
LEGO Sinking Titanic - the rip
LEGO Titanic scenes

Ryan says the model uses around 120,000 pieces, and took over 250 hours to construct with the help of fellow builders Mitchell Kruik and Clay Mellington. It even lights up. For a sense of just how big this model is, here’s Ryan posing with it.

Lego sinking Titanic (with me in it for scale!)

6 comments on “Incredible LEGO model of the Titanic breaking in half

  1. Creative Anarchy

    You have that moment where you’re like “Shit, that picture makes it look like someone did a buildl of the Titanic sinking in Minifig Scale.. and then you open the article and you’re like “Shit! someone did a build of the titanic sinking in minifig scale..” That’s just awesome.

  2. Mnemonyx

    Ryan is the master of integrating steel frames with huge Lego models. Steel lets him achieve things otherwise impossible with the brick!

  3. Silverview

    The work is very good but constructing a model depicting a moment in history when so many people died (and even making figures of them dying) is somewhat morbid and sad.

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