Oh! What fun it is to ride in an Arctic Truck Mk II!

Well, the winter holidays are long gone, but Kirill doesn’t want the outdoor fun disappear. So, here is his Arctic Truck Mk II – an ultimate snow-rover in the scale of a regular Technic minifigure. One may find the exterior quite plain, but Technic vehicles are all about functionality.

Arctic snowmobile Total weight – 2650 g, dimensions – 40 x 31 x 18 cm, clearance – 4.8 cm.

Check out this video to see this impressive crawler in action.

And I can’t help mentioning a couple of the builder’s other models.

As long as there is a biting frost in Moscow this winter, Kirill surprised us with a stunning functioning ice-breaker.

Ледокол. atomic icebreaker. Desert Eagle LEGO Technic Creations

And, of course, his War Rig from Mad Max was a huge thing among Russian LEGO enthusiasts during the last summer.

Mad Max