Fancy a little hot sauce with your mushrooms?

This lava-tastic creation by Thorsten Bonsch is inspired by an online role-playing video game called The Elder Scrolls Online (“ESO”) and is the second ESO-inspired build we have showcased. The first was Thorsten’s mammoth 11,000-piece creation called The Dolmen.

The Elder Scrolls Online – Stonefalls 01

The game landscape captured is called Stonefalls and is described by Thorsten as “…a mainly grey and barren region in Morrowind, dominated by giant mushrooms and streams of lava…“.  I have not played the game,  but Thorsten certainly captured my attention with those giant mushrooms and the beautifully depicted lava flow.  The LEGO colour palate is utilised perfectly to show the ebbing heat of the lava flow. Note the minifigure standing centrally, helping to give a sense of scale to the gigantic fungi!

Hot stuff…