Transporting you to other worlds

I’m not sure whether these remind me more of our wildly popular microfighter contest, or are meant to foreshadow LEGO’s much anticipated Dimensions product line (JUST ONE MORE WEEK FOLKS). But French builder Eric Druon has assembled this adorable armada of TV and movie inspired miniature road vehicles, in a strict 4-stud-wide format.

Eric has even made instructions available for anyone who wants to build their own copies. And for the record, this is actually *not* the most builds that we’ve ever featured in a single post – but it’s close!

5 comments on “Transporting you to other worlds

  1. Ralph

    Remind me to post my collection of movie vehicles next week. It’s up to 53 at the moment, with number 54 in progress. I love these by the way. It’s cool to see them all in four-wide and I’m sure lots of people will appreciate the instructions.

  2. Iain Post author

    Well that sounds likely. Sadly we don’t have a way to search old posts based on such criteria. I just have to go on what my poor old brain can remember. Then again, do spaceships really count as proper builds? ;-)

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