Piazza Maria makes me long for Italy and ice cream

I don’t know whether it’s the scene, the yellow background or the combination of the two, but Piazza Maria by Andrew Tate has a distinctly Southern-European flair.

Piazza Maria

In fact, I’ll be a bit more specific. The model wasn’t specifically intended to be Italian, despite the name, but the colours on the buildings are spot-on and the gelateria really do remind me of a square in Udine, where, on a work trip to Italy, I had some wonderful ice cream a fair few years ago. I don’t remember a living statue there, but I don’t mind. It could easily have been there.

2 comments on “Piazza Maria makes me long for Italy and ice cream

  1. zkee

    Last summer I visited Italy, near a medium sized village/small city (Brisighella). Twas by far the most enjoyable holiday I ever had.

    This build took me back to that last summer. The little market stands, the bar and terrace, the shady alley where you’d find some cooling after crossing the blazing hot square …

    Thanks for the build Adrew, thanks for the post Ralph!

  2. Ralph Post author

    Glad you like the post and cool the model triggers similar memories for both of us. Italy is a wonderful country.

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