It’s all in the wrists

To many of you, this may look like just another building created in the popular “Café Corner” style. But to those of us that were creatures of the Eighties, it’s immediately recognizable as Flynn’s, the videogame arcade featured in the 1982 pre-cyberspace pre-Matrix movie TRON.

Using fluorescent bricks and black light, Joel Baker has managed to impart his creation with the neon look and feel of the original. It has a complete interior featuring all manner of vintage arcade machines, and even the secret doorway that appeared in the 2010 follow-up TRON Legacy.


1 comment on “It’s all in the wrists

  1. evilspoons

    Incredible job!!! I think about the only thing that’s a little out of place is the Space Invaders in the sidewalk, but it’d just be a blank boring sidewalk so what the heck.

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