Figuring it all out

The printed micro-figs introduced with LEGO’s new SHIELD Helicarrier set seem to be generally well received by fans. Our Facebook poll suggests 2 out of 3 of you are in favor of them! So I expect before too long we’ll see people customizing them. Customization of classic mini-figs is nothing new, but customization of the newer Friends mini-dolls is way less common….

And that’s a shame, because I for one find them more aesthetically pleasing. If LEGO could just fix their rather limited range of motion, I think it’d be great to see them used in future Movie or TV based LEGO themes. Flickr user JustJon obviously agrees, and has been repainting one Friends fig every week along those very lines:


Pictured above, as if they needed any introduction: Luke Skywalker; Sailor Moon; Ghostbuster; Deadpool; Catniss Everdeen; Red Sonja.

UPDATE: The creator just pointed out that he previously created an entire set of superhero Friends customs, which are equally awesome and can be seen here.

9 comments on “Figuring it all out

  1. Wallopy Joe

    I think the trophies seem a cool addition to the set, but I’d love to see the boardgames’ micro figures incorporated in a similar fashion, especially as we already have lots of those printed.

  2. AK_brickster

    “..because I for one find them more aesthetically pleasing.”

    You don’t mean that you prefer the mini-dolls to the traditional mini-fig, do you? Because that would be HERESY!!

  3. Iain Post author

    @Ed: But the boardgame ones have no flipping arms!
    @Jordan: Mwuhaha! I can’t imagine what shape your head must be, though… :)
    @JustJon: Thank’s for the tip, I had no idea! Definitely worth updating the post for.

  4. Deus

    I am not sure about these mini-dolls… Even male ones look like girls to me. Very derpy girls, at that.

  5. Iain Post author

    …yeah but let’s face it, a classic mini-fig has all the proportional finesse of someone with a variety of unrelated hormonal disorders, who just lost in a fight against a bulldozer. My vote’s with the lady-man-fig, any day! ;-)

  6. Detroitika

    Hey, thanks for posting this! Wonderful subject that, it seems, will please everyone alike! I didn’t know that JustJon had done so many lovely creative Friends customs. Nice!

  7. rodiziorobs

    I totally agree that the minidolls’ lack of articulation is their biggest problem. I have come around to liking the way they look, but the limited range of poseability makes it really hard for me to use them much.

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