LEGO Ideas Exo Suit out today [Review & Giveaway]

LEGO sent The Brothers Brick a copy of the new LEGO Ideas 21109 Exo Suit, which we’re going to give away to one of you out there reading this. Read the full review to find out how!

There have been a lot of great LEGO CUUSOO / LEGO Ideas sets that have come out, but before the Exo Suit they all had one thing in common: they were all based on someone else’s design (intellectual property or IP in licensing jargon). So it was a great to see Pete Reid‘s Exo Suit become the first original idea to be turned into a LEGO Ideas set.

Exo Suit Review/Raffle

The set comes in a typical small form LEGO Ideas box. I thought the designers did a great job on graphics and background art, which is very reminiscent of the classic space box art.

Exo Suit Review/Raffle

When you open up the set you’re presented with a fantastic instruction manual and 4 small bags of pieces, which include a total of 321 pieces. While it might not seem like a lot of pieces, the final build is surprisingly large.

Exo Suit Review/Raffle

The instruction booklet starts off with some info on Pete and Senior Set Designer Mark Stafford on how they collaborated on the set. It’s followed by a great background story that sets up the Exo Suit. I also liked how scattered throughout the instructions are little tid-bits of information about the Exo-Suit or the turtle, which just adds a bit of fun to the whole building.

Originally I had planned to go over the actual build process and point out interesting bits and details on the Exo Suit, but as I was actually building it, I decided not to ruin everyone’s fun — I would rather everyone experience it on their own. I will say that there are definitely some uncommon techniques that you would not find in your typical LEGO set. An example of which is placing a 1×1 round stud in the center of a 2×2 round plate (see picture).

Exo Suit Review/Raffle

The piece selection in this set is also a bit odd for a typical LEGO offering. There are a lot of ball-joint pieces that makes up the bulk of the frame, and a lot of tiny detailing elements that are attached to it, which makes up the rest of the set. But for a lot of builders this gives a great value: it is a small set with an incredible selection of specialized sci-fi “greeble” pieces.

But really, the stars of the set are the two Classic Space minifigures (with extra air tank) available in green for the first time:

Exo Suit Review/Raffle

The inclusion of these two figures, plus the low price point, and limited run will likely result in a very high demand set. Which is unfortunate as I would love to be able to buy a massive stockpile of these to get an army of Green Classic Space men, with enough left over pieces to build something really cool.

As I mentioned earlier, the build itself was a lot of fun, it reminded me of building the City Modular sets where there are just some really great techniques that are used and a joy to see it all come together. The finished model has a lot of play-ability and can be posed in a lot of different positions.

But I will warn you that all the cool detail pieces do come off easily with moderate play.

Exo Suit Review/Raffle

So with the set built, I wanted to give a real-world evaluation of just how good this set is for builders to create their own creations. While it did pain me to take apart Pete and Mark’s great creation I had to for the sake of science!

This actually turned out to be a lot harder than I thought it would be — there weren’t a lot of plates or bricks to build on, with mainly the aforementioned ball-joints and detail pieces. After several attempts to build ships and tanks, it was almost too obvious what I should have built from the beginning: a giant Exo-Turtle!

Using some of the same techniques I was able to build an Exo-Turtle from the set, with enough left over pieces to build a spacey-motorcycle:

Exo Suit Review/Raffle

Going into this review I was a bit biased towards this set — it’s the first set that I have ever begged to review, but I was very happily surprised that it was a really great set. I also realize that this set is not for everyone, but for those Space fans or those that are nostalgic for that classic space — this is a rare treat.


  • Great value
  • Great parts selection
  • Fun build
  • Classic Space minifigure in green
  • High appeal to Space fans


  • Limited run
  • Detail pieces fall off easily
  • Low appeal for kids and non-Space fans

Raffle Time
If you’ve made it all the way through this review, and for your continued support on The Brothers Brick, I’m proud to offer this reviewed set (your choice of my Exo-Turtle model or the set in pieces) as a giveaway to our fans.

Simply leave a comment below and we will randomly choose a winner! Good luck everyone.

This set is expected to be in quite high demand, so pick up your own set now before I buy them all out. 21109 Exo Suit is available for $34.99 (US) / $ 44.99 (CAD) starting August 1st, 2014 from the LEGO Shop online.

UPDATE (Aug 15): We’re closing down the raffle after two weeks, and we’ll contact the winner shortly!

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  1. hlwarkentin

    This is definitely the best set to come out of CUUSOO yet. Somebody give M-Tron the same treatment!

  2. Minifignick

    Great Review Shame it’s “SOLD OUT” at the moment and won’t ship until 1st Sep I knew this was a limited run But it seems like TLG have sent most of the set to reviewers Good Luck to all who comment & thanks to Peter & Mark for a great set.

  3. John

    Nice review, nice to see “alternative models” are do-able. I didn’t realize there was a li’l mecha-turtle included in the set, that’s a fun bonus. For $35, seems like a good deal.

  4. trek413

    Good review. I was going to order it but the site crashed and when I got back on it was sold out! I really like your Exo turtle suit

  5. Ninjaxenomorph

    Hmm. I wonder what it looks like with just the structure, with all the greebles stripped off…

  6. edwinlin82

    Great review. Hope to get my hands on it so that more MOC inspiration might flow through me.

  7. bacon1986

    Thank you for the review. Great pictures. I hope that this sparks a new line of classic-y space sets.

  8. carl_gun

    This is so awesome, I had to stop lurking and make an account! Brings back my fondest LEGO Space memories. Time to re-build my Polaris I Space Lab (6972).

  9. Zlatty

    I wonder why they went with green. Just because it’s different? Because they did not want to re-create Futuron?

  10. SirHenry

    Great review Simon! I’m glad you included the small details, a nice touch if I may say so my self.
    Hope to see more reviews by you in the future:)

    “Because Space is the only fun here!”

  11. DRChurch

    Excellent review, and I love the alternate builds. I will hopefully be able to get my hands on w copy soon.

  12. Brickule

    That Exo-turtle is fantastic.
    I do like this set, but I have yet to decide if I want to shell out $35 for it. But seeing as it’s a limited run I probably won’t get the chance anyway. I bet my local store is already sold out.

  13. Tobigo

    Very good review and I really like your Exo-Turtle design – as good as the original model itself.

  14. AG

    I absolutely love the classic space line and want to see more of it come back! I’m sorry I was too young when it first came out to appreciate it!

    I would love to win and share this set with my sister!

  15. Gentleman Psychopath

    I really life the space motorcycle might steal some of the techniciques to make my own

  16. Azaghal

    I like that it’s stable enough to hold up its own box. And is that an extra set of green air tanks?

  17. adamreck1

    This set looks fantastic and would pair well with my old Spy-Bot. Of course, I just went to order one from Lego and it’s already out of stock. Maybe I’ll win one?

  18. seaofmorgan

    Great review! I’m calling my LEGO store as soon as they open to see if they have them.

  19. dondo

    That Turtle looks awesome! I bet if you had a couple of these, you could combine them into some really interesting builds!

  20. wyldjedi

    This set is truly awesome. I was able to snag one at my local Lego store and am putting it together right now. Woot!

  21. Misterdirector1

    After this and the LEGO movie, I’d love to see even more classic space inspired sets! Oh and a Western reboot!

  22. hal1979

    Long time lurker, first time commenting. I’d love a copy. Nearest Lego store is 8 1/2 hours away!!

  23. Buper

    The Exo Suit is without a doubt one of the best space sets ever and the brothers brick is one of the best Lego website on the internet.
    Vote for me!

  24. bbot7

    I would certainly love to own this set, not just for the exclusive new green Classic Spacemen (so cool), but also for a chance to possess that wicked motorcycle and greebly turtle mech!

  25. Pobwall

    Such a shame they couldn’t bring back the old style non visor helmets. A classic space / futuron helmet will have to suffice. Love the look of this set though, definitely will have to grab one!!

  26. mortimer44

    It’s already out of stock in my usual lego store :( so pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase pick me up ! :)

  27. captain sambuca

    I have been itching for an excuse to register, I’ve only been lurking here everyday for the past five years or something!! Happy Birthday Brothers Brick… Keep up the fabulous good work!

  28. JimmytheJ

    Ah, a perfect opportunity to see if I can still remember my log in details… And it only took two guesses! :D

    Love the exo-turtle! Seeing the potential for alt-builds makes me want this build even more, and I didn’t know that was possible. I hope the hype for this set makes them pull a second run, I’m going to have a hard time getting my mitts on a copy otherwise :/

  29. fnorfurfoot

    Very cool looking set. Love that they brought back the classic space suit design minifigures. Recently rebuilt my old 80’s sets of space figures and this set would look right at home with them.

  30. meiguizi

    I’ve really liked this model since the first reviews started trickling out. I’d love to get my hands on one, since there isn’t a store nearby and its already out of stock online.

  31. Pelko

    Maybe I should follow this stuff better, but.. Limited run? Does this mean it’s some kind of exclusive that won’t be remade even if it sells really well?

  32. Swoosh Factor

    So I’m guessing there will be a pretty big spike in registrations today. Great review.

  33. nheptane

    I notice the turtle wasn’t used for parts in the custom build, love that little turtle (like everyone else)!

  34. SorinO

    Great review! I especially liked your inclusion of the alternate build. I’d love to see that in reviews more often!

  35. jcilkmfoster

    Been excited about this since day one. “Day one” not being the Ideas release, but when it first went up on Cuusoo. No question that it would reach 10,000 – then just a matter of time before I had one. Thanks for the offer; great review.

  36. Infernum

    Awesome review! Love the custom build, I’ll have to try making my own custom from this set. :)

  37. Rphilo

    Great Review Simon! I hope the sucess of this set nudges LEGO in the direction of a Classic Space revival, or even better a Neo-Classic Space line targeted toward AFOLs.

  38. Cecilie

    Nice posing holding up the box!
    If I won this raffle I would want that cool exo turtle and the spacey bike too! :)

  39. mpoh98

    Wonderful Review Simon! I always wondered if this set was worth the price, and based on your review (and my growing interest in the space theme), I decided it is! Thanks man! Oh, and sweet build and raffle. :)

  40. John Patrick

    Well Simon this review was well done. I’ve ordered my two copies but am concerned LEGO may have under estimated the demand for this set so here I am leaving a comment just in case LEGO sends me a dear John letter

  41. twickabrick

    I’m just posting this to enter the raffle, but I really did enjoy reading the review and seeing the pictures you took!

  42. booyah

    I’ve been reading this site for a while, and this finally prompted me to register :)

    I can’t get enough of reading reviews of this set. My 7-year-old is currently saving money from his mobile lemonade stand to buy this set, but they may be all gone by the time he has enough, and I’m sure he’d be thrilled with a freebie :)

  43. Dhomal

    Awesome set / review!

    I am particularly tickled that there is a new ‘classic spaceman’ color!

  44. JayDuck

    Good effort on coming up with an alternate build, since the pieces that make up the set don’t really lend themselves to such things that well. I don’t have the set, but it really seems like it would be pretty hard to come up with something non-mechy with what there is to work with.

    My only ‘complaint’ about the set (assuming that they don’t sell out before I can get one, because that will be a bigger complaint) is the lack of color. My initial thought is that it could have used some blue parts and a little trans-yellow windscreen to give it a real Classic Space feel, but even just a few tiles with yellow and black hazard stripes would help to break up the greyness of it. Thankfully, this is Lego, so I can try those ideas out for myself once I get my hands on one.

  45. Zach.Rolfness

    I love this set, ever since it was put on cuusoo as an idea, I have supported it and followed it. I am so excited to get this set, but I am afraid I may not be able to get it before it sells out…

  46. j_lash

    As a lover of Lego mechs, I was ecstatic to see Lego Ideas produce an official set of one. Also, the green space suit is long over due. Possibly my favorite part of the set is the incorporation of Pete Reid’s iconic Exo-Turtle. I will confess that I have made my own for my display shelf of Lego creations.
    I am a bit bummed out that they changed many of Pete’s original connections for parts and replacing them with ball-joints. I can see that it was for the sake of stability and sustainability through endless play. I am thankful that Lego did not try to plague this set with the “play feature” of flick firing missiles.
    Thanks for the review Simon! And sweet alternate build.

  47. firstofminifigs

    Didn’t even know you could have an account and I’ve been checking this site for like 2 years lol. Good luck all.

  48. legonoob78

    I would love to have this set sitting on top of my Cube and be the envy of all my fellow geeks.

  49. maedhros1980

    Small chance of winning free LEGO. I’ll leave a comment for that, especially since it is such a cool set. -Jake

  50. oin4lego

    More Classic Space! Galaxy Explorer (928) was the best gift I ever got! I would love to win this and park it between GE and BSSS!

  51. darksyntax

    Nice reivew. Love the alt build. Hopefully this sets success will herald more neo classic space from TLG.

  52. evolutionaryfuse

    great review, i just need to make a custom cargo bay or loading dock with ladders for the minifigs to climb in

  53. sp_striker

    Great set! glad to finally see it hit the shelves.
    Does any one know how much effort it would take to convert this set back to Peter Reid’s original design?

  54. OnuaFanIan

    So awesome to see this project finally make it’s way to becoming an actual set! I also love more complex elements in this set that isn’t seen that often in traditional Lego sets. The creator did an awesome job!

  55. SeriousYes

    And of course I had to have a lego-brain-fart. Exo-force? Really? I meant Exo-suit, sheesh.

  56. L@go

    I just managed to order two today before they ran out… but that turtle of yours would look sweet on the shelf next to one of them :)

  57. Toltomeja

    The amount of greebles is impressive indeed as for an official set. Next great set I won’t buy :)

  58. TronicGamer

    The Exo-Suit review was very well done as always with The Brothers Brick. I’d love to enter to win the Exo-Suit since it’s probably not going to be available or be hard to find in New Zealand.

  59. TooMuchCaffeine

    This is already out of stock on LEGO online in the UK. I am now contemplating a wee drive to my nearest store (100 mile round trip) to see if they’ve got any.

  60. Hermes

    This is definitely a must-have set! I was to buy it, now I try may luck on this raffle first :) It would make my small but growing space collection so much cooler!

  61. Steke

    Was out of stock by 12:45 a.m. EST – really got gobbled up fast. A lot of them are up on ebay. Pity that so many people stockpiled the set to make a quick buck.

  62. Hardwater

    The one Lego store in my town had a line up outside the mall at 7 am, and sold out in half an hour. Online was sold out in about as much time.

  63. dmuzz

    The part selection on this set is great. If I don’t win the raffle I’ll definitely be buying one of these.

  64. exexunderscore

    gotta put my name in for this one, im so hyped about classic space returning, even if it is one set

  65. alldarker

    Comment nr. 200?! Let’s hope mind is the lucky one! I wasn’t able to order one, so I’d be very happy with your review copy!!!

  66. AutoPic

    Looks like an awesome set! I hope to pick one up soon at the local LEGO store. Thanks for the review Simon! :)

  67. K4K

    I’ve been reading brothers brick for a long time, but this is my first comment. Love the new set

  68. iamFLIP

    I’d been a long time guest and just registered to get a chance to win this excellent set.

    My son will love this! He just finished building Lex’s Power Armor and Emmet’s Mech!

  69. turbokiwi

    Awesome set, but I disagree about the “Con” of kids not being interested. My 5 year old said “Cool, a Mech, I want that” when he saw a picture of it. The more space lego the better.

  70. red_five

    Great review, gotta submit an entry for the contest!

    Why did they do a limited run? Seems like they think this going to be a niche buy for adults.

    Here’s hoping that they do some kind of re-release of a few updated classic space sets like Benny’s spaceship.

  71. Glen_Bob

    I love the alternate build! I have to enter this just because of the awesome turtle model. Nicely done! :]

  72. fraserphillip

    Love this set! So cool! The entire line of Cuusoo/Ideas sets are so great. I’m trying to collect them all and I can’t believe I missed the first one. It’s going to be so hard to get!!! Gahh!!

    By the way, if anyone reading this is interested in getting into collecting the Cuusoo/Ideas sets, now is the PERFECT time. Right now Lego is currently selling 5 of the Cuusoo/Ideas sets! There are only 8 unique sets in the series so far, and usually you can only buy 1 or maybe 2 at the same time. I was just in the Lego Store Bellevue, WA and they had 3 DeLorean sets left, they had the Minecraft set, of course Ghostbusters and the 2 new ones, Exo Suit and Research Institute.

    Can’t wait to see what the next set is!

  73. dragonology

    I live in New Zealand and it is near impossible to get most cuusoo sets let alone one as limited as this. I would love the chance to win it. Great review btw.

  74. figura

    I am so stunned by this set and the review, that after years of being a reader I finally signed in and wrote my first comment. Hihi. Cheers to you guys!

  75. joadavis

    I really like the green classic space, and including a female head is great. I am not a huge greebly fan – I would prefer a more retro blocky style, but it just looks like fun to play with.

  76. LegoMama

    As an avid fan of Classic Space, and having a TFOL teen son who is even more so an enthusiast, I was interested in this set right from its conception. After reading the review, it’s a must!

  77. LegoBrickMason

    Realy, realy love this set, although I’m not sure which mech I like more, the bipedal walker or the turtle mech

  78. Tallus Thunderkhan

    Finally got registered. All it took was the word ‘free’ I guess. Set looks amazing.

  79. LukeClarenceVan

    A great review of a great set, with a raffle? I should know better than to read TBB when sleep-deprived. Surely I’m dreaming? ;) Thanks for the concise and useful review Simon, and cool to see you guys running a giveaway of what’s probably the most lusted after set around right now.

  80. koffiemoc

    Up til now I wasn’t deep into space. But having read Reid’s excellent book and seeing this adorable Exo Suit my fingers are itching. The original version of the suit looks better, but the green heroes compensate a bit for that. Nice to see a turtlesuit built out of its parts.

  81. jpoltergeist

    Love it. Thanks for the review and for the giveaway. Really excited to have one of these sets!

  82. Manfred

    What a fantastic set! It is both retro and mech, which makes it very worth having. Thanks for the opportunity!

  83. Sixpax

    Have to throw my hat in the ring for this competition as well! I’d love to see a return to less licensed, and less bionacle\hero\chima sets!

  84. jonmo

    Want it badly. Sadly LEGO online shop does not ship to my country where there is no LEGO store neither.

  85. Lucas Colon

    Fantastic set! sold their entire supply out within 15 minutes of them being listed on the site, and all my local toy stores sold out in their first hour. Really hope I have a chance of winning this, it looks amazing!

  86. TargetBoy

    I’m so happy to see the classic space logo as a printed piece and in such an awesome set. The fact that two of my favorite afol builders are behind it is just icing on the cake. Really hoping that the response here gets lego thinking about doing a new classic space line.

  87. badbob001

    I tried to buy one at midnight of the first day but it was apparent that my timezone didn’t match the website’s. Haha.

  88. binhex

    Hope to win it or I am just going to have to download the instructions and hope I have enough pieces.

  89. Flannel Jedi

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  90. rodiziorobs

    I wonder how many other lurkers like me (going on a year now!) decided to finally register just to post a comment in hopes of winning something :)
    Love that turtle alt build, by the way.

  91. hansbizarre

    “What’s a tortoise?”
    “You know what a turtle is?”
    “Same thing.”

  92. citizen7994

    It’s a very special set, that TLG begins to move on to some thing like this complicated, it’s awesome an awesome alt build that you have made there!!

  93. CorneliusMurdock

    I still kind of hope that TLG rethinks making this a limited run. If they sell more, they make more money. It makes sense and the demand for this set should justify more supply.

  94. Quetzel11

    That is a really cool looking exo suit, ideas set or otherwise! It’s heritage just adds to the coolness.
    Although I have to say that I prefer the original turtle head design to the official one ;)

  95. Partcloud

    Leave it to a contest to suck me into the fold. I’ve been perusing this site for years, now I’m officially here.

  96. Arterin

    Great to see what it looks like outside of promotional pictures; those figs sure look fantastic! Really makes me want a new space theme beyond Star Wars.

  97. steveysl

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  98. BloopBucket

    I think that this looks lke a cool set but come on TLG. 34.99 = 38.20 CADI wouldn’t mind paying 40$ but these prices just keep getting bigger and bigger. I’m afraid of what’s coming next.

  99. sisko

    How cool is this set and how cool is this Lego Ideas/Cuusoo thing in general? I love it! And that Ghostbusters set is one of the greatest Lego sets ever.

  100. scribbler

    It’s a lot of fun, but there’s so much articulation it can be awkward to pose, especially without knocking off greebles… Not that I’d like to see it done different. ;)

  101. motorcyclepunk

    Great review Simon. Sharp photos and I love how you created a couple of alternative builds.
    It’s definitely a popular set; it’s already sold out at my local Lego Store.

  102. derfazoid

    Winning this would the most fantastic thing to happen :) Can’t wait to get my hands on this set!

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    Love the green spaceman/women, and love the turtle!

  104. Joshlkw

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  105. legogamer

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  106. Phantom-T

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  107. flappie001

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    I am new here, I made an account for this pieces!

  108. Sturts

    Great review. Amazing, and a little disappointing, how quickly this set sold out. Hopefully, it will be released again.

  109. SimonSaid

    The amount of comments on here clearly show how many silent readers there are, not that I can speak either I guess ;D

  110. Forty in Red

    That’s a great alternative build. This is a Lego set that I’m actually excited to buy (and build). Normally I just buy for parts :)

  111. LegoZombie42

    I love all of these CUUSOO sets. The 80’s hits (BTTF & GB) are amazing (wish I could take them out of their boxes)!
    I WILL be taking this set out of the box, it’s meant to be played with… errr… by
    my son! yeah… that it

  112. RocketSeason

    Amazing Set! I was a member in the early days and though I don’t build and post creations much anymore, I’d been following Peter and Mark’s work for years! So awesome to see it in an official set!

    (BTW, LEGO S@H is saying that the set is “Out of Stock” as of this morning, Aug 2nd, but that it’ll be shipping again in 30 days… Bought it anyway of course!)

    And the chance to win more cool parts and more green Classic Spacemen in this giveaway is great too!

  113. Takshi80

    Guess this is worth a shot… Thanks for writing the review! Your space turtle model is pretty funny looking.

  114. ericb

    Whether this comment is a winner or not, I just want to say that Nannan is the Bob Ross of LEGO reviews. His videos are always very calm and relaxing, offerring further evidence of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. Nannan could review a Duplo set and I’d watch, or at least listen, to it. Thank you, Nannan!

  115. Polelie

    Excellent review, now I’m sure I want this set :)
    You put a nice effort on your 1set-moc too, it’s great!

  116. Lando L. Jackson

    They really did a great job at retaining the aesthetic of Pete’s original model here! Probably the most faithful Cuusoo set I’ve seen.

  117. Curtis

    Nice review, however I felt the repetitive 2x builds with much of the set, coupled with the set being comprised of nothing but tiny pieces in gray and darker gray made for a very boring build.

    The finished build itself though is a great looking MOC… errr I mean set;)

  118. ericb

    I mean ‘offering’…I apologize for failing to check my spelling prior to posting. Just one of those things which will continue to bug me since I’m unable to edit my initial comment.

  119. ekreuser

    LOVE the set. Picked up two for my Classic Space station. Glad they picked a new color for the figs, they look good in green.

  120. icabob

    I love that it is the first original design on Lego Ideas. Definitely looking forward to more original ideas to come through the pipes!

  121. legoscience

    I am extremely excited that this set it available. Thank you for offering this chance to own it. Nice spacey bike and turtle mech, btw.

  122. Spidexer

    Looking on all of these pieces I might get one if I can! But in Poland it’s for 50$ and out of stock in lego store!

  123. Luke Comins

    Probably one of the best Lego sets ever! Epic review.
    I doubt this awesomeness will even reach South African Lego and toy stores!
    I could be the only one in the entire country to own one…

  124. sonboss

    Thank you for offering this chance to own this set!! Really look forward to get this in asia!!

  125. Jens Ådne Rydland

    It’s a very nice set indeed, and clearly very popular since it sold out in just a few hours on Shop@Home. Hopefully we’ll see more good, original Ideas sets in the future. :-)

  126. spacysmoke

    Good job on the exo turtle! It’s gonna be interesting to see if TLG made enough of these sets.

  127. TooMuchDew

    Great review Simon! “Cons: Limited run… Low appeal for kids and non-Space fans” Must be a lot of Space fans because it was back-ordered 30 days on S@H in less than 12 hours. It would be too much to ask for instructions for the alternate build, but perhaps post a few more pics to your Flickr before Exo-Turtle goes to its new home. :)

  128. RedmondLEGOman

    This is an awesome set which at this time is unaffordable. I would love to get my hands on one.

  129. Jai

    That set looks like a lot of fun! Benny would be proud, even though it’s not a spaceship (In its current configuration…).

  130. YourCure

    Excellent way to get your constant readers to participate!

    Great review and the set is just plain awesome looking. Looking forward to getting at least one of these.

    Love the website by the way!

  131. ds3d

    I was cheering on this set on LEGO CUUSOO . This is the first one that will change things. Individual designers will refresh the somewhat conservative Lego selection.

  132. Erunaamo

    It’s so awesome to see Classic SpaceMen back in production – please correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these green ones and Benny the only official releases of Classic Space figs in DECADES? (I guess maybe collectible Intergalactic Girl counts, but her suit isn’t really the original style.)

    I think we can safely say Classic Space IS BACK in 2014!

    Plus there’s a cool mech included in the set….

  133. Nexus

    Wow, I had no idea the green space men would look this cool… also, lol at the Exo-turtle. Was NOT expecting that :)

  134. Angulare

    This is one of the few sets that I’m excited to buy this year, and now this! Just adding my bid to the big glass jar.

  135. henry8601

    Love the design of the set – definitely a keeper! It’s nice that the joints have enough friction to pose the figure with props (the box!)

  136. Brengineer

    I’m totally with you, Simon, on being glad that Lego actually approved a set not based on 3rd-party intellectual property. It’s too bad it’s going to have a short run, ’cause t’s pretty awesome.

  137. darwin42

    Great review of an incredible set. Hopefully the exo-suit will be the first of many non-IP Ideas sets.

  138. joshgay

    The more copies of this set I see built and blogged the more I like it.

    The stores were running out quite quickly in the 2 hours it took us to get to a store today, went from a full shelf and reserves in the back, to a handful on the shelf, 1 per household limit.

    The Research Institute set had similar limits, and was flying almost as fast, I can’t see either of them being limited to “one run” with the current response.

  139. Sturts

    Great review, and great to see Classic Space again – just disappointing how quickly it sold out, if you blinked you missed it, hoping it will be reissued.

  140. moviereferences

    Thanks for the in depth review. I appreciate that you built something else with the parts in the set especially. I hope the success of this and Benny’s spaceship inspires LEGO to give us a whole new, retro space series sometime in future.

  141. rythmik

    Man, I was at the mall today but didn’t have the chance to stop by to grab this or the Female Scientist set. Great review and nice alt build!

  142. Cold Ivory

    It’s really nice to see Lego releasing a set with this many greebles. I must have it!

  143. Curtis the Shmurbiss

    I wasn´t even born in the 80s and still feel nostalgic about it, awesome set.

  144. mali

    I’d like to do a 3d animation with this exo suit so it would be great to have the real thing as reference :)

  145. rickenbacker

    Great review, of what looks like an awesome set. Now, I hope I win this one, otherwise I might just have to get one anyway :).

  146. eigil

    Your giant turtle and your motorbike are awesome!
    Great job!!!!!

    I’m not surprised this set was sold out in less than 12 hours :
    i was checking it at midnight CET, and at midday it was already all bought… :D

  147. MichaelJ

    Oh wow did those fly off the shelves! Hopefully TLG will decide that is worth a larger run!

  148. yvo

    Thanks for this detailed review, it finished to convince me to get a copy of this set. So sad that it went out of stock at S@H so quickly …

  149. bambino

    Probably the fastest selling Ideas/Cuusoo set to date. Just under 4-5 hours worldwide. Lego now has orders on back-order til the next month. Guess they didn’t or did see that coming.

  150. farhad

    I hope I win this beautiful set, in Iran we rarely get the exclusive sets and never get Ideas/cuusoo setsand really like the exosuit

  151. krklint

    I hope this set bringing a return to a “weapons free” era back to Lego Space. Allow Star Wars to have the weapons, yet give parents/grand parents something connected to space-themes that is about the joy of exploration through play. I have now seen parents (at stores) move their children out of the Lego aisles due to all the guns in the sets (and not just in Star Wars). It would be great to see the rebirth of classic space without the inclusion of heroes and villains as a center point. This set offers that doorway (and I’m so thankful for that).

  152. Szubi

    I love how LEGO has retained the classic space logo and returned with the minifig. Too bad the old style helmet is never coming back :(
    Great set though! :) Love the turtle-drone-thing-a-me-bob. (another great nod to classic space sets)

  153. Cheefachi

    Good to see some original work come to fruition here, can’t wait to see more.

    I am actually right now visiting Copenhagen and fully plan on spending a ton of time in both the large flagship Copenhagen store as well as traveling to Billund to spend a couple days at Legoland. It’s been my dream since I was a kid and now I will be living it (and bring my kids too). So I will probably go nuts and buy tons of stuff even though from what I hear the Lego here is expensive. May even buy this set too, and will try to get the exclusive architecture set in Legoland and any other exclusives I can find. Brought an extra bag just for Lego!

  154. DFOL

    If i hadn’t already been sold on this great set, the review would sure have helped to tip the balance. I’ll grab the chance to win one in a raffle with both hands, so count me in as well! :-)

  155. Kris10Williams

    I really love the Exo-suit. I was obsessed with the space theme as a kiddo so this hits all the right places for me. Your review has really pushed me over the edge on wanting this set. I’m hoping I win and if not it is still available for purchase *crosses fingers* Thank you for the review and giveaway!

  156. Creative Anarchy

    There are a few details I wish they would have done differently but it’s a beautiful set all the same.

  157. plutoniumboss

    I doubt I will be able to find one by the time I could get the money allocated for it, because things have been tight lately, so I am definitely going to comment here, and may the most randomly selected entry win!

  158. engelmancer

    The review makes me want one even more. Shame they are on back order right now. Fingers crossed!

  159. ervino

    I have been so lucky to be able to order 2 boxes of this set before it sold out (in a couple of hours only, unbelivable!!! :-).

    Maybe I will be even more lucky and win this contest for another one?

    OK, OK, it’s greedy, I know, but… ExoSuit! ExoSuit!!! EXOSUIT!!! :-D


  160. DoctorPaco

    I squealed with joy when I saw Lego’s statement on this but sadly my dad doesn’t allow us to order Lego anymore.

  161. legobodgers

    This is such a great set, I would have preferred to get Peter Reid’s original model but I think that LEGO have done the best that they can making the connections legal.

  162. legoboy11901

    I’ve been looking at this set since it was announced to become one! Peter Reid’s Exo Suit is one of my favorite MOCs and i’m glad i can now buy it.

  163. Rivet

    Hoping I can get enough money to buy one of these before they sell out. Or win one, maybe. Whichever. : D
    Thanks for giving us this opportunity!

  164. ranwanimator

    Shame on Lego for making this a limited run set. Hopefully its rapid sell-out will show them that we want more sets like this. The perfect backdrop for this would be my copy of Reid’s Lego Space book.

  165. wolfstu

    Enjoyed the blog for quite a while now, but only today registered to comment so I could enter the draw :)

  166. MechFanatic

    Fantastic alternative turtle build! I’m a huge fan of mechs with as much unnecessary pieces as possible XD

  167. tomillerocks

    I want it MORE THAN ANYTHING!!! I won’t win I’m sure but I figure I HAVE to give it a shot… That set is incredible

  168. dtowncracka

    I think this set is super cool!
    I also think that Simon Liu is an erudite and articulate blogger. In addition to that, my wife and daughters think he’s one of the most handsome young men they’ve ever seen!
    *(fingers crossed for the raffle)*

  169. CrustaceanFreak

    Fantastic review! I was really hoping to score this set when it came out, but missed out on it.

  170. DrThresh

    Great review. So many small parts.

    Will probably pick one up when they become available down here in NZ.

  171. festusdirk

    hmm, would sure like to get it. in big turtle form, but with the booklet to build the original if i don’t get a commercially avaiable one.

  172. Ian-B

    This is a wonderful set. Not only because it’s good-looking; It has lots of useful and nice pieces. And of course, that little turtle.

  173. jazzboy

    This is awesome! Definitely going to comment! My youngest daughter and I rock at assembly!

  174. jtr

    YAY (crazy waving hands) Classic space.

    Hope there are many more sets to come . . .. . Makes you wonder if the AFOL classic space community could support other classic space Lego idea projects.

  175. leews2001

    Doh, I live on an island where LEGO Shop doesn’t deliver to. Well at least the instructions will be available for all to build from their cache of parts :)

  176. libelux

    I love the giant turtle version! Mine is backordered but they already charged me so I hope this means one is coming in the future. I also ordered the research one because i loved the idea behind creating it.

  177. worker201

    I really want one, and I’d gladly pay cash for one. I missed the sale because my paycheck didn’t clear the bank in time. I’ll buy yours. Or you can give it to me for free via this giveaway, and I’ll donate the money to charity.

  178. GrampStuds

    I need this set as a guideline for the full size suit I’m building. I dug up a huge cache of grey parts outside of Tehachapi last year while photographing desert tortoises, so I’ve got material. I’ve also ordered a case of superglue and some servos to connect to the joints. I’m ready to build this thing! Just need this small model to get started…

  179. dignow

    So bummed I missed out on the ordering period. Here’s hoping the gods of random drawing are smiling on me.

  180. mitchhak2

    Looks like I could use one of these in my collection, maybe swap out some of the grey pieces for other colours to make it more vivid!

  181. roqsteady

    Want one, missed out. Glad they’re popular though, as mechs are my favorite building genre!

  182. DanSto

    I have tried several times to log into the legoshop without success at that day : incredible how the AFOL community can become crazy about such a set.

  183. brisbrickboy

    I want it so bad but can’t afford to pay the $30 Shipping fee for orders under $200 here in Australia. I love your MOC though, that’s very cool. I want to have Magneto operate this in my Lego street one day.

  184. Ramidalis

    What can I say. Pretty nice set from first look, but as I worried, it has some lacks, as you mentioned about weak parts and being rare. I know it’s not for games kids play, it’s used more for exhibition or something like that :) But in my opinion Peters model was better at least in part selection :) Green space guys looks nice, but it’s illness to rush buying some limited stuff :) But overall it’s nice set and I like that brick fans do :)

  185. DisasterMan

    I missed out on ordering it sadly – indecisiveness was to blame, by the time I returned to the site, they were all gone!
    Should Lego have anticipated the demand?

  186. Wallopy Joe

    Not particularly interested in the raffle for the Exo-Suit (as much as I’d love another one) it’d be great to see some breakdown shots of that Exo Turtle, cause that’s awesome.

  187. Spooky86

    This ExoSuit is really awesome!!! I love the details! However, I still prefer the classic yellow spacemen from the 80’s!

  188. hugosantos

    This set is awesome! Finally some green new guys! I can’t wait to see all the MOCs that will be inspired by these new minifigures.

  189. sblaske

    It would be awesome to own one. WOuld go great with my space monrail, for loading and unloading.

  190. Biomanniax

    if ti would only be for the green classic spaceman… i would love to habe this set :P

  191. cangelucci

    I would love to win an exo-suit. I’m a new AFOL after 40 years and am thrilled at what’s available now.

  192. leto

    Great set – got the last one from the Lego store yesterday as the nice folks put it aside for me (London Lego stores might be getting in a few more this week). Green spacecouple look super cool!

  193. jcatagnus

    Set looks amazing. I tried to order it, but my VIP points broke it. Hopefully they fill the backorder queue… I’m hoping!

  194. rushiosan

    That’s an absolute must-have. Green spacemen (or space couple) gave an extra flavor to this set!

  195. Tangorn

    Good review. I can understand your enthusiasm. It looks great and I’d love one. Put me in the raffle please! :)

  196. mcleod

    Wife was in line at local Lego Store to make sure I got one of these for my b-day. How awesome is that? Wish she would have gotten two. Love the turtle design you did.

  197. the other Peter

    I guess this is as good a time as any to start commenting… actually it’s beter ;-)

    Great set; I would love to have it.

  198. cubivore

    Yeah, this set looks amazing, I’m so glad it made it to production! Hopefully we’ll get more interesting and unique Ideas sets like these in the future!

  199. Nebsker

    I took my 3-year-old daughter to see the Lego Movie and the experience awakened my love of Lego. I dug out all of my old, classic Space sets and built them. And now I get to add to my fleet with cool sets like the Exo Suit and Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! The best part is I get to share this love with my kids.

  200. brickbaby

    Awesome set! Missed out ordering it on the LEGO site, but won 2 auctions on eBay. Can’t wait for them to arrive! :)

  201. Buper

    When will the raffle be held?

    overall I LOVE this set. I knew when i saw it on LEGO Ideas this would win. it’s a shame like the mincraft sets they not doing more. Vote for me and i use it in a upcoming LEGO Sc-fi Horror brick film!

  202. Mister Improbable

    Its a bit different than the original, but its an awesome space mech with bonus turtle.

  203. gene3S

    This Exo Suit is going to ignite my first collection for lego space theme! I hope the distributions is even-out for the rest of the world especially AFOL – Asia Fans Of Lego!

  204. vinpao

    One more step for Lego to recognize that their fans can build better than their professional “designers”!

  205. dallasallad

    So happy to see classic space come back into production! I agree that I like seeing more ideas that aren’t based on licensed material.

  206. agrajag42

    For me, the green Lego spacesuits are just incredible. It makes me wonder why they haven’t been doing green all along.
    I’m also curious to see how this set compares to other large-robot type sets Lego has done, like MetalBeard, or Power Armor Lex, or Kai’s Fire Mech. These seem to follow a joint/arm/leg formula that is too easily repeatable. Looking forward to an outsider’s take on the structure!

  207. Word Freak

    Well I can’t pass up the chance to get a copy of this set. Great to see a non-movie/game themed set get selected as an ideas set.

  208. rotbaron242

    If it were not for the Lego Ideas program, this set would never have been produced. I hope I win one, since I never made it through their site on August 1st!

  209. N8

    Chances of successfully winning an Exo-Suit are 600 to 1? Never tell me the odds!

    PS, my minifigs could really use a clawed hand or two escaping some space pirates.

  210. brickeater

    I’m a LEGO fan since i was a child and i will be forever!This set is great, really well made plus i’m a space fan! What else should i desire?Hoping to get one!

  211. bene0019

    I got 2 the minute my local store opened…problem, there is a much larger household demand than 2 between myself and my kids.

    It really bugs me seeing people that obviously gamed the limit selling on ebay.

  212. crgennaro

    BTW, I still see these as available on Lego shop at home, so I’m not sure why anyone would pay an inflated price on Ebay?

  213. brunorafael

    Great review. I like more of the figures.
    Great mod of the set, but i like more of the bike than the giant turtle.

    But still cool set and parts.

  214. Jay1mark

    591 might be the winner. My oldest son loves mechs and wanted this immediately. We have it backordered. I even tried our local lego store and they were sold out also.

  215. unordained

    Others have bemoaned the odd trans-yellow pieces, where blue might have made more sense. But I see it as a way of sneaking in some useful 1×2 plates that can be used as tiny windshields or combined (modified tile with clip on top?) into larger sheets, for micro scale replicas of the classic LL sets.
    The shoulder area winds up being a little less mobile than I’d like, just because of the extra greebling, but it looks nice. The construction of the lower part of the cockpit at first made me think there would be foot-pedals; no, but it could make for a nice mod.
    The biggest outcome was a boost to my desire to build classic space (well, NCS?) and what more can you ask of a set, than that it should make you want to build even more?
    Good stuff. And while I was at the store, I picked up a Research Institute to hide until my daughter’s a little older and we can have a discussion about glass ceilings, and how hard you should smash them.

  216. dorfdorfdorf

    I was stuck behind my table at BF VA when the sets came out, and my order has been back logged twice!! I sooooooooooo need this set

  217. gtlover42

    Love the classic space theme, I have fond memories of blue and gray spaceships and buildings and gray vehicles, with trans yellow and trans green accents.

  218. alsy

    I wonder whether the popularity of this set will lead to LEGO doing a “reboot” of Classic Space?

  219. lusluslus

    This set is exactly what I’m expecting from Lego CUSOO/Ideas. I’m really looking forward for the next inventions from the Lego fans.

  220. jehster

    I’m very glad that Cuusoo/Ideas chose this set, and hoping that that’s a sign of things to come.

    Thanks, brothers-brick!

  221. jbjohnson07

    I am so excited about this set. I would like to use it as a starting point for a Lego Space theme collection. Your Exo Turtle and motorcycle are great! Excellent review and pictures. Please add me to the raffle!

  222. category5

    This website give me so much inspiration for my playtime with my kiddos. Thanks Brothers Brick!

    This review is awesome and it got both my kids and I drooling for it. I’m forced to enter this contest!

    You guys rock!

  223. reddx

    I am a big fan of Classic Space and I am very happy to see Lego officially extending and updating the theme.. first with 70816 Benny’s Spaceship, Spaceship, SPACESHIP! and now this, 21109 Exo Suit..

    .. And like many fans out there, I am hoping to see a return of the Classic Space series (or Neo-Classic Space). With so many new parts available since 1987, I am very sure the newer sets will be both exciting and fun to build..

    .. And yes, please add me to the raffle.. =P

  224. Arbitrary User

    I was honestly a bit underwhelmed when I first saw the design as I thought it was a bit simplified, but after reading this review, this set is now a must-buy for me.

    …Also yes to the raffle please.

  225. creagan

    This set is really amazing. I hope they do an additional run as I am on the wait list to buy one probably behind more people than were even able to buy them.
    So, yes to the raffle for me too please!

  226. deathnote230890

    Awesome Review! In love with this set! Hopefully i have chance to play it one day. Really love robotic suit~

  227. rocklobster

    Nice – but sold out almost instantly online?! Not likely to be able to get to a store in the next week or so, so I expect I’ll miss this (well, unless I win one ;-))

  228. BrikmanMcStudz

    That Exo-Turtle is just awesome. I need a second Exo-Suit just to attempt to build crazy-detailed stuff like that.

  229. SteamBrick

    I love the classic LEGO sets. An Exo-suit would go great with my Galaxy Explorer and Beta-1 Command Base.

  230. dl2jboy

    Love the review! It really justifies all the hype that has been building up for this set. Cool alternative model too!

  231. dustmancer

    Amazing reveiw. I wish lego will continue a simular theme witch consists of more mechs. This will make a good addition to my mech army and if you do pick me we should have a mech battle some time.

  232. PicnicBasketSam

    Great set! I signed up just for a chance to win. :) It was about time, though. This is the same PicnicBasketSam from Brickset and the LEGO Message Boards, if anyone knows me there.

    Also, a great review. Mecha rule!

  233. P13c30fch33s3

    It just has to be released when I have no money. *sigh*
    That Exo Turtle is really nice.

  234. Jonathan

    Suit me baby one more time!

    Okay not really, I don’t have one. But I might buy an extra anyway because green dudes!

  235. SeT

    We love this model set! An extremely excited child is hollering “EXO SUIT!” next to me while we read this together. Thanks for posting!

  236. chruisan

    Sweet! Always attempted something like this as a kid. It’s fun to watch mine now try to emulate it. Exosuit, Exosuit, EXOSUIT!

  237. Benny1980s

    What really attracts me to a set such as this is not just the symbolic meaning of the community backing a fellow builders hard work but the sheer amount of customisation and modularity that is available for builders like us to access.

  238. Deltassius

    Thanks for the review, I’m really glad it didn’t actually turn out to be limited. (raffle raffle raffle!)

  239. hansbizarre

    Apparently the “Exo” stands for Effervescent Xylophonic Obsequiousness. I think that says it all.

  240. jinpayne

    Im glad these arent Limited Edition like what everyone suspected
    Hope to see Lego expand with this as a new line

  241. ottid888

    I grew up during the 80’s with my very first Lego set as the Galaxy Explorer 928. I’m pretty happy that the space theme is getting a renaissance comeback of sorts. I do hope they will continue to make more of these and not be a limited run only……. those sellers are sure taking advantage of us poor blokes by jacking up the prices for the first few sets…… shame on them…… i would really love to win one of this…..

  242. bouncemeister

    I have recently taken my old Lego from the attic and started to sort it all. I did have a lot of space sets. I like the green minifigs of the exosuit, smart move to make them green.
    Maybe I’ll pick one up in a layer batch. Maybe I’ll win one?! :)

  243. lovemycousins1

    I really hope i win so I can give the set to my 5 year old cousin who just had lung surgery!

  244. ranmamaru

    Inreally want this set. I have the original Galaxy Explorer and have just bought Benny’s Spaceship. So red, white and blue spacemen, check. Need greens. :)

  245. joelones

    Hope it’s not too late to enter the raffle. Wasn’t able to pick one up on S@H/Lego as they sold out before I could place my order. Would love this as I’m a AFOL and was mesmerized by the Space theme back in the 80’s, thanks for your consideration.

  246. Andrew

    We’d said we’d close the raffle on Friday, but hadn’t specified a time yet, so we’ll let Diegothor be the last one. Seems like that’s fair. Closing comments past this point, and we’ll contact the winner shortly!

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