Continental curb hugging

Still a regular site across Europe, the Citroën 2CV or “Deux Chevaux” (lit. “two horses”) was a beloved lemon of a French economy car introduced in the 1950’s. Some could be forgiven for thinking that the name referred to vehicle’s horse power.

Polish builder and massive petrol-head Misterzumbi is no stranger to building LEGO versions of this and other classic cars, but he seems to have perfected his 2CV technique here, with a version that is an obvious nod to Nick Barrett’s larger model that we featured here last year.

The significance of the grandfather clock I can only guess at – perhaps itself an homage to the opening titles of the Antiques Roadshow. But I love that the builder chose to represent the vehicle in the full corner-hugging, wheel-screeching, teeth-clenching action of a 2CV going flat out at 8 miles per hour.

However, not satisfied with just one presentation of this idea, Mr. Z decided he should taunt us a second time with another high velocity 2CV vignette, this time featuring a Frenchman who is either very late for a picnic, or just more of a dog person…

5 comments on “Continental curb hugging

  1. irregularshed

    You misrepresent the power of the engine of the 2CV (although they *were* hugely underpowered!). When released the engines had an awful 9 BHP but after that the engines were 28-33 BHP depending on the date of manufacture. Two horse-power refers to the taxation system used in France at the time.

    They’re ropey cars but I still love them, so I have to point out your error!

  2. Iain Post author

    Thank you for pointing out my misconception! I’ve corrected the post accordingly. I think the two horsepower thing must be one of those cultural legends passed down from father to son now. Like the belief that it referred to how people would pull their 2CVs from ditches, or the number of animal behinds that it resembled. :-)

    Let’s not forget though that with its canvas sunroof, the 2CV was essentially a convertible! Which practically made it a luxury car. So there’s that at least.

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