Unique Starfighters are some delicious brain juice.

brain juice (breyn joos)
1. Something awesome that inspires you creatively.
2. Concept art that makes you want to play with LEGO elements

I am continually blown away by how creative people can be with designs of starfighters. They certainly are my favourite subject to build in, but I tend to stick pretty close to boilerplate styling. But seeing designs like these make me want to get more creative with my own builds. So on this chilly Wednesday morning, pull up a chair and sip on these steaming cups of brain juice…

P-Wing by Bartosz SasiƄski

U-wing by halfbeak
U-Wing Polling Shot

XADHOOM by xiei22
Fly view! "XADHOOM" - Central industries Sky Ruler.

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  1. murphquake

    Tromas, I think you should probably mention that these are from the fbtb.net alphabet fighter contest… after 2 rounds and nearly 100 entries there’s been some amazing builds… Have you seen the D-Wing Automaton Pictures made? Beat the pants off of mine with 300% more awesomesauce per stud! Seems like so far you’ve been picking all winners, wanna go to the racetrack with me later

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