In the Studio With Orion Pax...Literally.

On the various LEGO fan sites, people will often share photos of their build spaces. Well, I think I am going to crown the winner of the absolute coolest LEGO workspace outside Billund. And it belongs to none other than TBB regular Alex Jones (Orion Pax).

Alex recently posted this amazing 360° view of his studio, and of course coupled it with some nice beats. So click the image below and be prepared to be wowed.

Alex told me that 5 years ago he couldn’t imagine himself having a space like this to work in, but he worked hard for a long time to get it. He also added, “Believe in your dreams and all that!” Which I think are wise words.

So now we know where Alex works his magic and creates goodies like his most recent piece…an ode to Snoop.

6 comments on “In the Studio With Orion Pax...Literally.

  1. AK_brickster

    Whaaaaaaattt?? That place is crazy? Is that his house?

    Hmm… I’m going to have to run this by the wife and see if she’ll go for something like this. Then again, our couch is terribly uncomfortable, so maybe not…

  2. Lego Junkie

    So we now know the final resting place of the Arvo Bros. Iron Man statuette.
    Check out the shelf above the projector desk!

  3. Guss

    with my stupid job, even if I worked 70 hours/ week, I couldn’t afford a place like that here…. and 80hours a week means I would earn USD 9000 / Month… Damn Switzerland is expensive.

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