The little big rig is a zippy RC

Back in 2009, LEGO released two sets (8183 and 8184 ) that got me pretty excited. The reason for my excitement was that these sets contained a car chassis that could be remote-controlled using a Power Functions IR-remote. This would make it relatively easy to build your own relatively compact remote-controlled car. I bought one, but it had about as much directional control as a puppy on a wet floor; it constantly bumped into walls or bits of furniture. It was fast, though.

Little Big Rig

Curtis D. Collins (curtydc) has now used a similar chassis to build his “little big rig”. He too reports that the steering isn’t great, but also that it is a zippy a little RC. I believe that, certainly with those big wheels. I also think it looks pretty cool. Like Barry Bosman’s Monster Masher, it has a certain toy-like quality to it that reminds me of the RC cars that were around when I was a child.

3 comments on “The little big rig is a zippy RC

  1. Curtis

    Today has been one horrible rotten no good day, but seeing this has cheered me up! Thanks for the blog:)

    I’m just now noticing one of the fenders popped up while I was photographing, it should be flush with the floor board:(

  2. Ralph Post author

    You’re welcome. I saw your model a few days ago and immediately decided I wanted to blog it at some point. It’s cool. I didn’t notice the popped-up fender.

    I have mixed feelings about the chassis and I can imagine that a fair few customers weren’t very satisfied with it. To me the poor directional control was disappointing. It was a great idea, but the execution left something to be desired. It didn’t stop me from having a go at building my own vehicle on top of it, though, which I did enjoy zipping through my LEGO-room.
    I like the ‘Homer’, by the way.

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