SHIP in a day

With SHIPtember underway, I am going to steal a quote from Tyler Clites as flickr is being inundated with photos of “long skinny technic frames”. Throughout the next month I am sure we can expect many of those long skinny technic frames to transform into wondrous spaceships of all shapes, sizes (provided they are 100+ studs long) and colours. However, for the impatient ones among us, Pascal (pasukaru76) was nice enough to whip up a little SHIP in the first day of SHIPtember for our viewing pleasure…12 hours only in fact.

Lucky Dragon No. 7

With Pascal I have come expect minimalist clean styling, and the Lucky Dragon No. 7 certainly delivers on those points. But the addition of those solar sails results in a brilliant juxtaposition of organic and mechanical design features. I love it.

5 comments on “SHIP in a day

  1. LukeClarenceVan

    Thanks for the shout out Simon, though neither of ours utilize environmentally friendly solar sails. ;)

  2. Rook

    @ Luke, that’s not completely true. Mine does have solar panels on the fins in front of the engines. So mine could us solar energy to power the engines. :D

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