Killer Croc spotted in downtown!

Just a few days ago, I highlighted the freaky Joker mech blasting through Gotham, and I noted that more dioramas by these collaborators were in the works. Here’s the next, by 6kyubi6. It’s a crazy scene of downtown mayhem as the sewers unleash a truly gigantic mutant Croc. A plethora of superheroes and even a few other villains dot the landscape as the city sustains its fair share of collateral damage. Both scenes will be on display at Briqu’Expo 2013 in Diemoz, France, next month.

Killer Croc

2 comments on “Killer Croc spotted in downtown!

  1. kaletad

    I love the way Killer Croc’s mecha is a reflection of the Joker’s mecha from the complementary build.

  2. Guss

    I’m so glad I’ll see it in real life ♥ as I’m going to Demioz too, but sadly will not show any moc, as I didn’t did any lately.

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