LEGO Fan in Sad City

This video reminds me of a T.V. commercial from a big pharmaceutical company hawking its latest antidepressant medication. Maybe that’s fitting, considering how many fans build to relieve stress and in some cases to help fight depression. I’m not sure which cure is cheaper, but I know which one has fewer side effects. According to the builder, Denmark’s Anne Mette VestergĂ„rd (Anne Mette V), “Sometimes the everyday life seems to be sad and grey like in this town. But not for the AFOLs who lives there. Making LEGO Creations is his bright spot in his everyday life.. The build is not photographed in black and white, nor is it digitally manipulated but rather built with gray-scale parts, much like a portion of the recent Wizard of Oz diorama featured on this blog of blogs.

The music is a perfect match for the video, although it does make me want a Friday night martini, which shouldn’t be too hard to find in Vegas. Welcome to the weekend.


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