Oscar the Grouch

Iron Builder competitions have a way of bringing out some crazy creations…suppose that it the whole point of them. Sean & Steph Mayo prove once again that they have mad LEGO skillz with their adorable Oscar the Grouch.

Oscar the Grouch

4 comments on “Oscar the Grouch

  1. kaletad

    I really love the build and I have the utmost respect for the Mayos. I am wondering if the lack of any shadows bothers anyone else (maybe it’s just me)? Having the build elements digitally inserted into another background with no light context just doesn’t work for me. The trend has developed in the Lego digital presentation world to have your builds presented on a clean background. I feel that many presentations are now using software to remove anything that’s extraneous to the build instead of taking the time to set up a well lit and composed shot. I understand that this is difficult with large models, but still attainable will a little work. Digital processing can be taken to far. In the case of this build, I would have loved to seen it in the real world if that was the effect intended instead of a presentation where the lighting of the build and the background are incongruous.

  2. Keith Goldman

    I didn’t notice the shadows until you pointed it out, but I did enjoy your rant. I agree completely that digital processing can be taken too far, to the point where it masks instead of enhances, like cheap perfume.

  3. AK_brickster

    I demand equal representation for the Falworths! Where’s the “Fair and Balanced” reporting gone to??

  4. Keith Goldman

    ^This isn’t Fox News, we never claimed to be “Fair and Balanced”…the spin doesn’t stop here, if anything the spin intensifies. Your demands fall on at least one pair of deaf ears…that is unless the Bro’s Falworth wow me before the weekend is over. Go demand that they build something amazing, post haste…chop chop.

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