2nd LEGO Exhibition in SEOUL

I don’t have much information yet on the Korean fan-event recently hosted in Seoul, but there are some stunning photos available on Flickr from Brickmaster_Kor. We will begin our brief sampling with “The Mini SEOUL Project“, the model that first caught my eye with its micro-river, unique focus and lack of non-LEGO clutter in the background.

The Mini SEOUL Project

Then we move on to Seoul Station, proving that Korea’s KORAIL-inspired Train-heads are in the game.

Big city & Seoulstation

And finally a shot of the magnificent statues that mark the entrance to Kyungbok-gung palace.

LEGO Kyungbok-gung(palace)

It is also worth noting that there were a great many Stormtroopers and Imperial Guard present as well. It looks like the exhibition was a great event, be sure and click through the entire set to soak in all the details of this extensive layout. Congratulations to everyone involved!

3 comments on “2nd LEGO Exhibition in SEOUL

  1. LukeClarenceVan

    Come on, you can’t precede Imperial Guards with Stormtroopers and then show old navy dudes. I mean, I expect legions of Palpatine’s Royal Guards! I digress, great models anyway. ;)

  2. GyoPeung@Brickmaster

    Never thought our work would be introduced on TBB, thank you so much.
    We have more exhibition works going on and I will make sure to update those ASAP.
    If you have any question about our group, don’t hasitate to PM me. :)

  3. Keith Goldman Post author

    I did indeed send you a PM via Flickr, thanks for reaching out. I look forward to adding your responses to this article, the event was very impressive.

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