Big Flak Attack

iomedes! makes his triumphant return to the Brothership with the decidedly inconvenient title of “C-EYES – SPAGS : quad 35mm Self-Propelled Anti-aircraft Gun System“. You can’t really appreciate this model without inspecting it from every angle; this is one of the rare cases where the photo of the back-side has more hits and favorites on Flickr than the front. Influenced by legendary artist and scale-modeler Makoto Kabayashi, Iomedes! holds nothing back on this machine of war that comes with his personal guarantee that the SPAGS will keep the skies of your home prefecture clear of enemy war planes.

C-EYES - SPAGS : quad 35mm Self-Propelled Anti-aircraft Gun System

A big thanks to tipster Blair Archer on Facebook, who was quite correct in his assessment of the model as “strikingly badass“.

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  1. Keith Goldman Post author

    Well, it’s not exactly the first time we’ve featured the work of iomedes!, but this one slipped by me so I do appreciate the tip. I will add the link.

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