Summertime in Italy

As part of an event in Ballabio, North of Milan, the Italian LEGO users group ItLUG held a Creator contest, which was won by Dario Minisini (oirad72) with this lovely cottage.

I’m not sure whether the combination of the shape, the red roof-tiles and the white walls triggered it, but when I saw this picture I was immediately reminded of Italy, even before I knew the back-story. Like many Creator sets, its construction may be relatively straightforward, but the colours, the proportions and level of detail make it work.

2 comments on “Summertime in Italy

  1. Keith Goldman

    ^Well, first I’m going to check my weekend posts for errors, then I was thinking about catching that new flick “The Conjuring”, I heard it was pretty scary. After that it’s off to the park with the kids and then dinner with my idiot brother-in-law and his questionable girl friend. You?

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