Cruise the high seas in luxury with Orion Pax

It is time to beat the heat, constant reader because the stupid sun has had it too good for too long. Inspired by a good friend who runs a dive-center in Thailand, TBB regular Alex Jones (Orion Pax) takes to the high seas with his latest build the Sunreef 100 TDS. The boat looks like something you’d see in a rap video, with scantily clad babes cavorting with gold-chain wearing shot-callers. Alex gives you unprecedented insider access to his build process with an extensive work-in-progress photos and commentary and it’s all available on his website Orion Pax Blog. This isn’t the first time the two pals have teamed up for some aquatic action, check out Alex’s tribute to Thailand’s Similan Islands.

Sunreef 100 TDS