SDCC ’13: Noteworthy LEGO happenings

Here’s a quick recap of things seen around the LEGO booth on Preview Night at San Diego Comic-Con 2013 yesterday.

Team Back to the Future member and project contributor of the newly released Back to the Future CUUSOO set, Masashi Togami, was hanging out at the booth with Tim Courtney, LEGO CUUSOO Community Manager.

Masashi Togami and Tim Courtney

This lovely, giant-size, brick-built display of the upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets was very popular among the fans.

Giant Minecraft Lego Display

At 7 PM, they did an unveil of the Minecraft sets at the booth. Executives from Mojang did the honors.


In one corner, you can try out a demo of the upcoming LEGO Marvel Super Hero Game. It’s blast to fly around as Iron Man with repulsor jets or Hulk-out and smash everything in sight. Just for trying out the game, you got a LOKI key chain and a LEGO Marvel Game Poster. Free swag is cool.

Lego Marvel Game Demo

And a final note, they are launching the steampunk-themed Master Builder Academy Invention Designer (Level 4)icon set [We’ll have more on this closer to release -AB]. The first 100 sold at the booth will receive a signed and numbered artist’s print of the snazzy illustration of LEGO steampunk featured in the ads.

LEGO Master Builder Academy Level 4

4 comments on “SDCC ’13: Noteworthy LEGO happenings

  1. Ryan H.

    “And a final note, they are launching the steampunk-themed Master Builder Academy Level 4 set [We’ll have more on this closer to release -AB].”

    Wait, what? I saw that set at the CO Mills Lego Store when I went on June 20. I’m confused.

  2. JimmytheJ

    I got a full collection of Master Builder torsos recently from a weird “Lego Trail” event a couple months ago, including dark blue for MB4. Which is awesome, because Master Builder isn’t available here in the UK. The “full collection” is Yellow, lime, orange, dk blue, right?

  3. gev

    @Ryan H.: Yeah, I’m confused by this too, as I already bought a copy of MBA level 4. Lots of good stuff in it too.

  4. Andrew

    Crap, did I miss the release of the steampunk set? Given how much they’ve been promoting it, you’d think they’d at least announce that it was out… We’ll pick it up to review ASAP, then. Thanks, guys!

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