Why Hello there, Kitty!

Katie Walker (eilonwy77) pushes the definition of LEGO building yet again with this thoroughly accessorized version of Hello Kitty. We’ve seen mosaics made like this before, but never one this colorful. Also, in what is surely a first for Katie, I don’t think I spy a single cheese slope in there.

I Spy a Kitty (see description for clues)

9 comments on “Why Hello there, Kitty!

  1. Bundalings

    There’s one cheese slope in the orange section, between the minifig torso and the Atlantis core. And then another in the green section as the top of the orange juice container. :P

    I think.

  2. eilonwy77

    There might even be three. When I did the flower one, there were no cheese slopes, and someone commented about it, so I purposefully added some to this one. ;-) Yes…. I just checked. Three! Now go and find them. ;-)

  3. Keith Goldman

    Deus, buddy, I know English is not your native language but using the word ‘negro’ is problematic in the U.S. While I understand that you probably meant the color black, some readers might take your useage of the word in a way you didn’t intend. I’m not saying you can’t use the word here, I’m just saying that you should be prepared for a reaction.

  4. Keith Goldman

    Whoops, forgot to comment on the posting. My daughter loved it, so that really settles things for me. I’m just lucky I don’t have to replicate it.

  5. eilonwy77

    Keith — since I made it to make my own daughter happy (she’s six; close to yours, if I recall correctly from the mermaid post), I would imagine it might work for Kate too. ;-D

  6. Keith Goldman

    I’m sure it would work…all too well, then every time I go near the table it will turn into Hello Kitty time….its a dangerous path. I think I’ll save it for when summer’s over and she needs a little cheering up before school.

  7. Deus

    Excuse me for using harsh language. The thing is that they are actually called “Zamor” balls, but in Slovenian, “Zamorec” (or “Zamorc” casually) translates into English as “negro”.

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